Trump Responds to Possible Trump-DeSantis 2024 Ticket


This question is being asked regularly, right now. Is there a Trump-DeSantis ticket for the “dream team” in 2024? It is possible? Given Ron DeSantis’ popularity, would Donald Trump consider making the offer?

Even more important, would DeSantis agree to it?

According to multiple reports, the Florida governor isn’t interested in Trump’s 2022 endorsement for the gubernatorial race and he doesn’t want Trump campaigning for him. DeSantis seems to be adamant that Trump will not answer the 2024 question.

In an interview on Thursday with Newsmax TV, Trump also stated that he doesn’t rule out DeSantis being a potential running mate. If Donald [winking emoji] actually runs, that is. Trump said to Newsmax that he had a good relationship in the past with DeSantis, right before attempting to claim credit for DeSantis’s popularity and success in the Sunshine State.

He gets along well with me. Because I endorsed him, he rose like a rocket ship.

Trump was referring specifically to his 2018 endorsement for DeSantis during his gubernatorial campaign against Democrat Andrew Gillum. As Nick Arama, my colleague, reported, Gillum was indicted in a federal indictment on 21 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, and making false statements against FBI agents.

Here’s Trump again on DeSantis via Newsmax:

As you all know, I was responsible for his election, but we have a great relationship.

DeSantis is still a popular choice to replace Trump in 2024 if Trump is to be ousted.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Trump was open to the possibility of a DeSantis challenge in the 2024 nomination. Trump said to The New Yorker that he was not concerned about DeSantis’ performance in 2024. Why? According to The New Yorker:

I don’t know Ron is running and don’t ask him. It is his right. I believe I would win.

DeSantis’s “prerogative,” aside, I observed in the article that behind-the-scenes machinations would suggest both camps are already planning — or at minimum, considering — strategies to defeat the other.

Translation: popcorn. We will need lots of popcorn.

Brooke Rollins, a long-time Republican campaign strategist, told The Epoch Times that on June 14th, several weeks before a Ready for Ron PAC was established to support a DeSantis race for the presidency for DeSantis, “The information” he had gotten over the past several weeks was that Trump is running. This should not surprise anyone.

Rollins stated, “We are not working at all against Trump,” and added:

At the time, I wasn’t sure if Trump was running. Since then, I have made it very clear that he [DeSantis] will not run against Trump.

One wonders if Rollins, as well as Team Trump, is still so certain about this.

As previously reported a New Hampshire poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire, June 16-20, showed DeSantis leading Trump in the race for the nomination and beating Joe Biden during a general election matchup. In the same poll, Trump lost seven points to Biden.

The bottom line:

No matter how 2024 turns out, we will need plenty of popcorn. Trump would be difficult to accept — or even “accept” — other (“disloyal”) Republicans in the race. He would likely resort to the same ad hominem insults he used against “Little Marco,” Ted,” Low-Energy Jeb, and almost every other Republican candidate in the primary race.

If DeSantis decides to challenge Trump, he’ll be as formidable as hell and will give everything he can — just like he did against Florida Democrats, Biden Administration, public schools, and his steely-eyed attack on Disney. The Florida governor is adamant that he will not be stopped by anyone, just like Trump. Let me tell you:

2024 will make 2016 and 2020 look like Sunday school picnics.

We hope so, but without the Jan. 6 silliness.