Trump Faces Backlash Over Controversial Comments About Jewish Democrats


Donald Trump is known for his ability to speak off the cuff or make statements that send the opposition into orbit around Earth. While Trump’s pugilistic manner is appealing to many, it is also a source of ammunition for those at MSM and those who get their news from them.

Yesterday, independent media outlets were buzzing with criticism as mainstream media seemed to stumble over its own words, clumsily reacting to Trump’s “bloodbath” comment. The left tends to see anything Trump says other than “Gesundheit” as inflammatory. Ironically, even saying “Gesundheit” could be misconstrued by mainstream media as a nod to Christian nationalists. It’s all a bit tiresome. Let’s see how this narrative evolves in a few months.

The Left is angry at Trump’s Salem News Network Interview with Sebastian Gorka.

The Leftists have seized upon the idea that Jews who vote for Democrats are anti-religious. These people hate Israel and they should be ashamed because Israel will be destroyed.

On “Morning Joe”, a panel was presented that dissected Trump’s comment.

The White House also responded quickly to the comment. Washington Examiner got a response from Andrew Bates.

Biden’s stand against the unhinged, vile antisemitic ranting has been a response to the rise in hate crimes, antisemitic crimes, and other crimes around the globe. The infamous attack in New York City on the Jewish Community was the deadliest act against Jews since World War II.

It is unacceptable to spread false and toxic stereotypes that harm other citizens. As President Biden said, he was inspired to run when he heard Neo Nazis chanting in Charlottesville “the same Antisemitic Bile heard throughout Germany during the 1930s”. This includes today.

The Examiner also published a tweet from Chuck Schumer.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md. The outlet quoted Trump as saying that his remarks were an “outrageous” attack on “the vast majority” of American Jews. He added, “How dare Donald Trump lecture Chuck Schumer about being Jewish? ”

While the Left is ruffled by the criticism of Netanyahu, it’s important to keep in mind that Schumer, Biden, and others have criticized the Israeli PM. Rich Lowry publisher at National Review said, “This is particularly true because there were some not-so-veiled threats about voting.”

The uncommitted voters of Michigan say, “Jump,” and Chuck Schumer asks, “How high?”

The Senate majority leader delivered an extraordinary speech in which he slammed the democratically-elected leader of an ally fighting a defensive battle against an evil terrorist enemy.

The Democrats are putting themselves first by appeasing their left-wing base in an election year. This is evident from their call for Bibi Netanyahu to resign and their increasingly critical statements coming out of the White House.

Trump does not have antisemitic views. Trump has a tendency to rant and rave, which can energize both his supporters as well as detractors. On the other hand, antisemites block traffic, destroy posters, and assault people on campus.