Biden’s Nevada Missteps: Falsehoods, NATO Blunder, and a Curious Encounter with a Little Girl


Joe Biden left D.C. on Tuesday to campaign in Nevada and Arizona.

He visited the Washoe County Democratic Party in Reno. It was hilarious when one of the members used an analogy to a fight and said that Biden was “in the ring.” Biden then mimed a fight.

She said, “Just think about it.”

It’s true, it is a frightening thought. They want the people to vote for this person.

He repeated his stump speech, attacking the former president Donald Trump and inventing falsehoods about economics. This was a small group of people who were probably campaign staff or volunteers.

When he visited “a cemetery of veterans,” he repeated the story debunked that Trump had called dead military personnel “losers and sucker.” He repeated that his son is one of these “losers and suckers”.

It was, first, a graveyard of Americans who died in war. His son Beau, however, was not among them; he was killed by cancer. Joe was telling two lies.

Biden falsely claimed they would continue to lower costs, when in fact costs increased under his leadership.

Joe Biden’s remarks are not complete without some errors. Joe, who’s in NATO? Does he know anything?

Biden said that the addition of Sweden and Norway to NATO had “increased NATO and its border.”

Norway was among the 12 founding members in 1949. How could he be so confused?

He also got involved with a comment which appeared to be a diss of Los Angeles where he probably receives a large amount of donor money.

When Biden is confused and does not know what to do next, he tends to filler words and say that he “talks too much” or “goes on too long.” He used the “going too long” ploy here and the staff seemed to agree as music was played to get him to shut up.

Biden seemed surprised. People laughed, thinking it might have been meant to be a joke.

Then he handed over the microphone to someone from the area and went back to the girl.

Things are getting better and better for Trump if this is a “campaign” — talking to people who are already in your corner so that you can appear as if people are welcoming.