Elon Musk Slams Joe Biden Over Border Crisis Again


Elon Musk has again attacked President Joe Biden’s mishandling of the border crisis. Elon Musk, who has been vocal in his criticism of Biden’s White House immigration policies, continues to hit the core of the issue: Biden and the Democrats do not want to stop the flood of illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers pouring across the southern border.

Musk responded to a Supreme Court ruling that temporarily allows the Texas National Guard (and other law enforcement agencies) to report and arrest illegal immigrants in Texas.

Musk wrote: “Crazy Texas is doing the work of the Biden Administration, which took aggressive legal actions to stop Texas!” This should convince anyone who still doubts that the Biden administration’s goal is to bring in illegal immigrants.

Musk clarified in a subsequent post that he is commenting as “an immigrant proud of having become a US citizen, and who supports increased and expedited legal’ immigration.”

Musk has not been the first to accuse the Biden Administration of intentionally exacerbating border crises with lax immigration policy. He called Democrats out in February for not doing enough to stop the issue because they wanted to gain political advantage from the constant influx of people who crossed the border illegally and legally.

Dems will not be deported because each illegal is likely to vote at some stage.

This simple motivation explains the seemingly insane behavior.

The brazenness of the illegals has reached a new level. They can beat up cops on video in Times Square and get out of prison for free, but *still* avoid deportation!

A partially federally funded NGO instead bought them free flights to California…

Musk’s remarks were made in the context of an escalating border crisis. Biden’s refusal to deal with the problem growing at the southern border or its failure to do so has drawn national attention and criticism.

People who have tried to enter the United States through various means to avoid Border Patrol or other authorities. Top government officials have warned that terrorists from groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, and others could be smuggled in because authorities are overstretched.

Biden’s administration and its media allies have tried to calm down concerns over the crisis. They can’t avoid it, especially after an illegal immigrant allegedly brutally murdered a Georgia nursing student named Laken Riley.

There is no way around it at this point. The situation at the border, despite the denials of the White House, is a serious problem that could impact Democrats when the time comes for them to go to the polls.