Trump and Others Rip Apart Biden’s Backfire of a Speech


Hot takes are pouring in fast to Joe Biden’s extraordinary speech at Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

Biden attacked millions of Americans for the “crime of wanting to Make America Great Again.” This makes it seem absurd, but Joe Biden believes that it is against his fundamental thought, since all he does is about hurting America.

Let’s begin with the response of President Donald Trump. He explained the meaning of MAGA and stated that if Biden does not want to “Make America Great Again”, then he should not be in the same position.

“If you examine the meaning and words of the angrily angry Biden speech tonight, you will see that he threatened America with military force. Trump declared, “He must be insane or suffering from late-stage dementia.”

CNN expressed concern about the unusual use of Marines to support him in this political attack, as I reported last night.

Biden’s comments were bad enough. But he added some blood-red images that looked like Nazis or Hell. CNN apparently softened the images (not a good look, guys).

Many others also took off on the visuals.

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, said it for many people via the visuals.

“Every time I feel Biden and his crew can’t get dumber, they outdo themselves.” Seriously, who is going to give a speech warning Americans about the dangers Republicans to pose to Democracy while wearing a background that looks almost like Hitler and the Soviet Union had a baby?

Many saw the Communist red and/or Hitlerian nature of this visual. However, one observes that it was “Red Yawn” when Biden was added and the rebel children defending America were painted in red MAGA hats.

Others saw the Satanic, with “Lucifer” trending on Twitter.

It was embraced by some left-leaning people, but it was proving to be a disaster for most. It was seen as a deflection by most people.

This was not a deflection. Joe Biden was doing something truly wicked. He was encouraging some Republicans to vote Republican because they could see how dangerous it was.

This is what I believe to be the most important takeaway. It’s clear that Biden is already beginning to realize this will backfire.