John Kennedy Delivers Brilliant Response to Biden in Defense of Defamed Americans


There were many reactions to Joe Biden’s divisive and deplorable speech on Thursday that he made in Independence Hall.

We covered a lot of the hot takeaways, including President Donald Trump. Biden tried to rephrase what he had stated in his prepared speech this morning. It was too late. He had already taken on the task of attacking millions of Americans in a new and unprecedented manner.

Senator John Kennedy (Republican from Louisiana) gave a great response. He noted how pathetic this primetime address was to use it against Americans.

Kennedy jokingly said, “After listening to President’s speech I understand why it’s an incontrovertible fact that wisdom does not come with age.” [….]

“His speech was a very cynical attempt to fill our heads with stupid,” Kennedy added. “I thought to myself, what a missed opportunity to talk to the American people — straight up — about the reasons when they lie down to sleep at night they can’t. He could have talked about crime, inflation, learning loss by our children, the mountains of fentanyl coming across the border killing our teenagers,” Kennedy noted.

Kennedy stated, “Instead, however, he chose not to tell the American people: “If you don’t agree about higher taxes, more government or if moms are birthing people, if I don’t agree that government has a constitutional right to talk to your 5-year-old about homosexuality, then you’re a bad person, and you’re not even an American.”

Kennedy explained, “After it was done I said to myself: You know it’s true — I’ve made this before — Washington water won’t clear up until we get the fish out of the creek.” “And nobody is coming to save our lives but ourselves.”

That’s exactly what he did, and that creek has a lot of “pigs” that need to be removed. Biden displayed his priorities when he was given the chance to address the American people. He didn’t just focus on the issues that were affecting them but he also attacked his political opponents and their voters. Biden doesn’t care about “Making America Great Again”, he just wants to attack the ones who are. This is a clear indication of where his mind is. Because he and the Democrats only care about holding on to power and doing whatever they can — regardless of how it hurts — in order to do this.

Kennedy stated that it reminded him of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” comment. It was worse because Biden had been repeating these comments for over a week, and this speech was prepared. Biden also tried to dehumanize millions of Americans by inciting others. Although “Deplorable”, was terrible, this was much worse.

Kennedy explained that “the people President Biden is referring to — some of which supported Donald Trump, others didn’t — were the people who get up every day, go to work every day, obey the law and pay their taxes, and try to teach their children morals.” They are proud to be Americans. They want America to be great again.

Kennedy stated that they don’t agree with Biden. They are their “crime” in the Biden Administration. That’s their extremism.

Kennedy stated that he believed he had made a mistake politically. Kennedy said, “But it speaks volumes about his administration.” That’s why Biden tried so hard to backpedal this morning. His handlers realized that this tactic was too extreme. How clueless and confused are they to think they should not be attacking Americans? Very.