Trump Shreds Biden’s Fascist Speech


Joe Biden’s fascist primetime address this week received widespread condemnation from the right and mixed reactions from the left. CNN even thought it was inappropriate, especially because it used military personnel as props for a blatantly partisan speech.

Biden was not content to slam Donald Trump, but also his supporters (of whom there are many millions) and called them a threat to our democracy. He made a lightly veiled threat against them.

Biden stated that “We must be open with one another and ourselves.” “Too many of the things that are happening in our country today are not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans are extremists that threaten our republic’s very foundations.

Trump also had words of encouragement for Biden.

Joe Biden should be told slowly and passionately by someone what MAGA stands for. He stated that if he doesn’t want to make America great again, which he does through words, action, and thought, then he should not be representing America!”

“If you examine the meaning and words of the angrily angry Biden speech tonight, you will see that he threatened America with military force. Trump said, “He must be insane or suffering from late-stage dementia!”

Biden’s speech was deemed too political by ABC, NBC, and CBS to air.