Trudeau Government to Make Some of Their New Authoritarian Measures Permanent


Freeland explained how Freedom Convoy’s bank accounts had to be frozen after the Emergencies Act was invoked on February 14. These changes are applicable to all transactions even digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Freeland stated that to stop protests financially, all crowdfunding platforms and payment service providers must register at FINTRAC [Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada]. FINTRAC must be notified of suspicious transactions. Your corporate accounts will be also frozen.

Freeland said that FINTRAC will have these powers on an ongoing basis even though it was February 14. Friday’s statement was a double take. She stated, “Uh,” in reference to financial instruments our government uses now to combat illegal blockades and illegal occupation. We looked at all the tools that the federal government had and decided that additional tools were needed. The Trudeau regime plans to increase its power to seize bank accounts belonging to dissidents. This is how democracies end.

Freeland didn’t disappoint those who still hoped that this would end and that Canada would be free again. According to Freeland, the sharing of financial information with law enforcement and the requirement that financial service be actively reviewing accounts and the immunity we provided for doing so are extraordinary measures we feel are necessary in the current situation. They also have a peaceful impact. They are vital in exceptional circumstances and have a clear impact. Wow! This is until Trudeau’s enemies, who are too powerful to be ignored, return.

The opposition should not protest loudly against this and the Trudeau government won’t fall next Wednesday, then we might consider the invocations made by the Emergencies Act to be the end-of-freedom north of the border. Chrystia Freeland seems to want it that way.