Far Left Facebook Whistleblower Files Sec Complaint Against Company


Frances Haugen, a far-left Facebook whistleblower, has brought back fresh complaints against Mark Zuckerberg as well as the Masters of the Universe. In a complaint to the SEC, Haugen claims that the company misled investors regarding efforts to combat climate change.

Whistleblower Aid filed the complaint on behalf of Haugen. The complaint alleges that Facebook made “materially misleading and omitted statements to investors” regarding its efforts to counter misinformation on the platform. These complaints are in addition to Haugen’s testimony before Congress and the filing she made last year with the financial regulator by her lawyers.

One complaint alleges that Facebook allowed “misinformation” about climate change to be spread across its platform. The company also claimed that it had no policy on the matter up until last year. This happened despite Facebook executives’ public pledges to combat the “global crises” caused by climate change.

Another complaint states that Facebook executives promoted their efforts to remove “misinformation” about coronavirus from the platform. However, internal documents “paint an entirely different story.” The complaint states that both internal communications within the company discussing vaccine hesitancy were discussed in comments. Internal surveys also showed that “misinformation” about covid was freely spreading across the platform.

One complainant states that “some investors will not invest in a company which fails to adequately address misinformation and then engages with misstatements or omissions about the topic.”

Pierre Omidyar, a leftist billionaire, supports Haugen’s Facebook campaign. Breitbart News has documented that Haugen has extreme views about censorship.

Haugen believes that the platform doesn’t take down enough “dangerous” content despite its extensive apparatus of censorship and politically biased “fact-checking” apparatus.