Kamala Harris Says That Putin Is Going to Invade Ukraine, and You and I Are Going to Pay


Kamala Harris pretends she is vice president and Old Joe Biden pretends he is president. She answered questions at the Munich Security Conference regarding tensions over Russia, Ukraine, and provided her usual mix of illogic, tortured syntax and something for Americans to worry about.

Harris said Friday that Putin had made his decision to invade Ukraine and that the die was cast. Harris said that Putin had made his decision to invade Ukraine. But Harris was asked by a reporter: “If you believe Putin has made his decision,” what leverage do you really possess? The vice president suddenly realized that Putin hadn’t made his decision. Harris replied, “The purpose and function of the sanctions have always been and continue to be deterrence. Let’s not forget the unique nature the sanctions we have described. These are some the most severe sanctions we have ever issued, if they weren’t the strongest. Yesterday, I explained that it was directed at institutions, specifically financial institutions, and will cause irreparable harm to the Russian economy as well as their government.

The reporter continued: “But Putin has made his decision, do you believe that the threat that has them emerging is really going to deter him?” Harris responded less coherently than before. “Absolutely – we strongly believe. And remember also that the deterrence effects of these sanctions are still meaningful. This is especially since remember that we still hope for a diplomatic way out of this moment. The deterrence effect, we believe, has merit in the context that this window is still open – although it is narrowing.

Harris would like us to believe that Putin has decided to invade. However, the sanctions threat could still prevent him. This is strange considering that the sanctions haven’t been yet applied. This was also strange for Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president. He said that he and Biden’s handlers had “different visions” about how sanctions should apply when Russian aggression occurs. We are told that we have several days before war begins. I said “Ok, I’ll start sanctions today.” They replied, “When war happens.” I replied, “Fine,” but you tell me that it’s 100% war within a few days. What are you waiting? After bombardment, when there are no borders or economies, we don’t require sanctions. Why would we need these sanctions?

His question remains unanswered. Harris also warned that the magic sanctions she and Biden are trying to use to end the war threat are likely to be costly to the American taxpayer. Yes! It’s not possible for this disastrous presidency to be implemented at no cost to the American taxpayer.

Harris was asked to answer the question: “Can you tell Americans what will happen if Putin invades Ukraine?”. She said that it was likely that we would have to pay for Putin’s aggression. We are conscious that when America stands up for her principles, all of our things, it sometimes requires us to be out there in such a way that we may incur some cost. In this case, that could relate to energy costs. We are taking appropriate and specific steps to minimize the cost, if any, should it occur.

Since the start of Harris’ and Biden’s misrule, energy costs have risen dramatically. Now they’re going even higher, Harris informs us. This is so we can defend the borders of a corrupt, kleptocratic government half a globe away. While the same administration does not just ignore, but also aids and abets the crisis at our border. Is this any absurdity? Why, yes. Yes. It can. It will.