Transitioned Woman Finally Old Enough to Sue Medical Facility for Underage Gender Surgery


A woman, who has not been named, but once identified herself as transgender, filed a lawsuit last week against the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine and three doctors, for “negligence” and “lack of informed consent”, after she underwent a “gender-affirming” double mastectomy in 2018 at the age of 16.

Now a young woman, the plaintiff will never nurse her children, assuming she is still able to bear them after four years of testosterone treatments that “caused significant mental and physical harm.”

The medical industry, which I used to call “healthcare,” decided that hormones and surgery were the best way to treat a troubled teen’s mental and emotional health problems. According to the lawsuit they bulldozed the teen into their preferred “treatment.”

This poor child doesn’t look like she ever had a chance to stand a fighting chance against all the adults who are against her.

According to WOWT News the “lawsuit” also indicates that the teen’s patient was vulnerable because their parents went through a divorce when the teen turned 13 in 2015. This was followed by problems at school and was complicated by “depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and a host of other mental disorders.”

Things got really out of hand for the girl. She was put in a partial mental health program and given antipsychotic medications. Meanwhile, she was being “groomed and preyed on by an older man out of state”, who threatened to expose her if she did not send him sexually explicit photos of herself.

According to the lawsuit, it is not surprising that she started to doubt her identity. She “may have become swept up in social contagion or unduly affected by social media.”

The young woman has been de-transitioning at least since January this year. Her lawsuit claims that doctors misled her parents into believing that she was suicidal, without having her breast tissue removed and her body filled with male hormones. WOWT reports that in the lawsuit, it is claimed that “no warning was given” about long-term testosterone use. She finally stopped taking it late last year due to “heart irregularities, aching joint pain, and pelvic discomfort.”

The young woman stated in a press statement that accompanied the lawsuit that “I was going through the darkest, most chaotic period of my life, and instead of getting the help I required, these doctors made that chaos a reality. I was talked into undergoing medical interventions that I did not fully understand or appreciate the long-term effects and consequences.”

All of this at 15 years old?

Let me share with you a detail that I could not help but notice in the WOWT News article linked above.

You know what the story is about. It’s a little more than 800 words. There are a few missing words: woman, girl, she and her. The media can’t even manage to call this young woman a woman, despite her repeated protestations that she is not a girl.

When I learned what WOWT did to further injure this young woman, I was shocked and disgusted. I couldn’t finish this article for five days.

Transgenderism has been a problem that women have suffered from for a long time. In recent years, there’s been a surge in the number of emotionally troubled and often abused teen girls who think they suffer from transgenderism. This is due to both social contagion as well as a medical profession eager to capitalize on new profits.

Bethany Mandel, writing in the New York Post, asked: “Could this be a fad, driven by social media that tells girls, especially, that transgenderism, while not common, is cool and that changing your gender is easy?”

Yes. It’s pure evil for the medical industry to take advantage of it and make money.

As my old Internet acquaintance Emily Zanotti tweeted last week: “Oh, man. I didn’t think about it, but in a few more years the lawsuits will be *crazy*. If these kids get million-dollar judgments, woof.”

I have long been critical of the overly litigious American culture, but I hope that this section of the medical profession is sued to death when it comes to the emotional and physical abuse perpetrated on minors by medical professionals.