Biden Fighting the Teleprompter, Going Into Brain Freeze, and Slurring During UN Speech


Joe Biden gave a speech to the UN General Assembly Tuesday. You know that it’s now time to hold your breath and hope he won’t say something too offensive while he is on such a large stage in front of the world. This includes many people who do not wish us well.

He is a globalist. This was one of his main points and he didn’t hide it. America is not first. Making sure we bend down to our will is. Let’s up our funding for the World Bank if we haven’t yet given all of our money to Ukraine. It’s not like we need his money, or that he has a constitutional obligation to defend us.

Biden reiterated what he’s said repeatedly — that he does not support “decoupling” with China. Biden is not holding China accountable for its bad behavior, which is why they think that we can be dominated by China with Biden in charge.

Biden managed to speak the silent part loudly — that it was important to work with China and “nowhere is this more critical than when accelerating the climate crises.”

Joe slipped up and said it, but he quickly corrected his mistake. All about control. When I hear him talk about working with China to solve the “climate crises,” I either think he is just spinning us or wonder: Does he really believe that China will act in this way? China will never put its own interests before ours.

Biden’s words were slurred by Biden as he battled with incoherence, the teleprompter, and his own incoherence.

He claimed that “for one single day”, his administration had treated climate change as an “existential danger.”

He didn’t understand that it was scrambled, and what he wrote was probably “from day one.” He has made some horrible comments about this in the past, such as saying that global warming is more terrifying than nuclear war.

Then there was this in a vein of “truninanationaldepressure” as he went into high-speed mumbled incoherence mode.

Joe Biden could not even get past this sentence before he failed.

What would you like to do, Joe? What do you want to do, Joe? What do you know?

How bad was it exactly? Joe Biden’s brain seemed to freeze mid-sentence as he began talking about the 21st Century. He looked into the distance for a few moments.

Unfortunately, we are represented by this person in front of the world. We wonder then why bad actors are becoming more confident around the globe.