Trans-Obsessed Children’s Hospitals Cries Wolf Over Threats No One Can Prove


The Boston Children’s Hospital has been making media appearances with outlets such as the Washington Post. The hospital claims to have received “death threats” as well as a bomb threat over the butchery of children who believe they were “born in the wrong bodies”. This all began when the Libs of Tik Tok started dropping their own marketing materials about the hospital. They talk about mutilating children for the Gender Cult, which has taken over our society. They and others are determined to see everyone join the Gender Cult. The Washington Post alleged that Libs Of Tik Tok was responsible for harassment and threats the hospital received.

Christopher Rufo, an investigative journalist, began investigating the threats but didn’t make it very far. Rufo repeatedly asked the Washington Post and Boston Children’s Hospital for evidence of the “threats.” Today, however, it appears that there has been a break in this case. Rufo contacted the Boston Police Department to inquire about the matter. He was informed that no 911 call had been made reporting any bomb threat. Rufo received an email from the Boston Police Department stating that there were no recordings of the 911 call.

Rufo spoke later in the day to a spokesperson from the Boston PD over the phone. They informed Rufo that they had been informed of the alleged bomb threat through “secondhand communication”. The police won’t explain what this means, and they refused to tell Rufo who was alerted to the threat that led to a large police presence at the hospital.

Boston Children’s Hospital is not the only one getting free publicity. Lurie Children’s Hospital, Chicago–which offers body-destroying medical intervention for “trans” kids–claimed that they were also “harassed”. Rufo also spoke with reporters who supported this claim. His communication with Monica Eng, NPR, is so funny it deserves to be reposted.

Rufo wrote: “You’re saying the man with the sandwichboard outside the hospital was ‘harassment?” And you didn’t personally review the email “harassment” that Lurie claimed occurred. Eng replied in a confused, flustered manner, writing, “I believed Lurien [sic] staff when it said they were facing harassment from people believing the online posts and from someone who went to their facility in order to suggest false care.” In true Big Media fashion of “print first, never ask questions,”

Eng acknowledged that Eng was not shown the email allegedly harassing her by the staff, but she said that she had seen the Lurie statements online. This proves that journalists don’t know the difference between “harassment” and “free speech”.

Billboard Chris or Chris Elston is the man holding the sandwich board. He pickets institutions and organizations that promote Gender Cult Theology. He said, “I just go out and talk to people, and all hell breaks loose.” Elston has traveled across North America to raise awareness about the fact that puberty-blocking drugs are causing harm to children. These side effects include brittle bone disease and sterilization. They also cause stunted height and lowered sex drive. There are unknown side effects such as brain swelling and vision loss. These side effects cannot be reversed. They are not reversible. He and others like him were called terrorists because they wanted to exercise their right to protest against this horrible medical crime against children who can’t consent to any medical procedures, including hormones, hormonal blockers, or surgeries. Elston is a kind, soft-spoken man who has no problem with the morons who harass him while protesting. He even had his arm broken at one event without any retaliation. His critics took his jokes seriously and shared them all over social media. Elston isn’t a terrorist. He’s just a father and he won’t stop protecting his children. Elston said, “It was just insane and I had to stand up.” Elston said, “I’m just an ordinary dad. What’s the purpose of life? What good is it to own a large house with a swimming pool? Do we want to watch this madness wreak havoc on society?

If you have the time, take a look at the thread below for a true story about what these “gender-affirming” procedures can do to a person who is healthy. This is completely legal. “I feel nothing in my crotch area at all. I would not know if you stabbed me with a knife. One survivor of Gender Cult described how the entire area was numb.

Billboard Elston continues his journey across Canada and America, facing the worst hate and violence. He cares about children being experimented on and doesn’t want to see another child with a mutilated bladder. This causes him more anxiety and pain than he could ever imagine. He is called a terrorist and major media outlets amplify that message with the support of children’s hospitals, who prefer that the public not be informed about their activities.

Billboard Chris isn’t a terrorist. He is an intelligent, caring father with an amazing ability to educate people about this issue. Every day that he spends with the public, he changes people’s minds. Recently, I was able to join him and Gays Against Groomers’ Mike Harlow on a podcast (link below). Elston said Wednesday to PJ Media, “It’s not a controversial assertion to say that we shouldn’t sterilize children.” They can call me anything they want. “The words of child abusers do not mean anything to me.”

Who is going to hold the nation’s children’s hospitals accountable for the lies they tell about this man, Libs Of TikTok, and any other critics? No evidence has been provided by any hospital to show that they have received credible threats. There is not one. All evidence suggests that the hospitals made it up and conspired with Big Media to get publicity. They set up Elston, Libs Of TikTok, and any other person who dares join them for trumped-up terror and harassment charges. This is wrong. This is harassment, and it must stop. America is free from harassment and criticism. Lawyers who have had to complete three years of law school, which included constitutional law, and who advise hospitals but don’t tell them how to stop it are severely lacking in intelligence and risk-management skills. Real journalists, who verify and verify claims, are now sniffing around so that their clients don’t get away with it forever. Boys, good luck with the charade!

Freedom of speech is not harassment. The Boston Children’s Hospital and the Lurie Children’s Hospital promote and perform medical mutilation on children by their own admission. Or do you think that the video from Boston Children’s Hospital about gender-affirming Hysterectomies is not suitable for children? Their website states that the only procedures they will wait for to make a child mature are genital surgery like vaginoplasty and phalloplasty. But, their claim that they don’t wait is questionable since it’s an children’s hospital. Anyone over 18 is not considered a child anymore. They are happy to rip off minors’ breasts. According to their public website, the surgeries they offer to minors include breast augmentation, chest reconstruction, and facial harmonization.

Frankendoctors do not have to agree with our views about their actions, but they must tolerate them without creating fairytales to terrorize and censor the public. You can continue to express your disgust at these evil creatures. They are entitled to it, and liberty requires it.