A Twitter Fight That Matters


Twitter is the most popular platform for western expression and intellect. It’s not a secret. There are some important differences. The average porta potty smells cleaner, is more attractive, and has a greater aesthetic appeal. It is also more sanitary.

Twitter is usually reserved for making baseless accusations, name calling, threats, smut, and other cancellations. Sometimes, however, Twitter can be interesting and not so snarky. These occurrences, like Nessie or Sasquatch sightings, are rare and noteworthy.

This is an example:

Alex, a user, tweeted:

“I don’t understand why these restaurants are still in business.

– Chilis


– Olive Garden

Red Lobster

It was approved by 182,000 people, but some people stood up for chain restaurants.

Zaid Jilani, a journalist, replied that these restaurants were a great way for working-class people feel like they can take out their families to more expensive dining experiences. Kim Kelly, a journalist, wrote that this mentality was so foreign to her as someone who grew up in rural and working class areas. Red Lobster and Olive Garden were expensive restaurants we passed on our way to Walmart or the diner when I was a child. My grandma took us to Bertucci’s and I felt like royalty.

One podcaster said, “Because working class people deserve treat nights also? These are the places that I used to go with my family growing up. They were not bad until I moved to New York and saw how people speak about chains restaurants there.

Columnist Leslie Streeter responded, “Because sometimes people who live in areas without access to financial or other options want to eat. Because of the specials. Because of the large portions. Because they offer children’s menus. Because people love the food. This is a very arrogant attitude.

Alex was still sticking to his menu choices at the last check.

When the grandkids and kids visit, we often ask them where they would like to eat dinner. We go.

Why? Because it is family time. It is time to catch up, reconnect, look at photos drawn with crayons on menus and spilled drinks. You can’t do it while listening to fusion music, sipping Napa chardonnay and eating a marinated wombat breast in a chamomile-garlic sauce with baby carrots, garnished with Tuscan dandelion leafs.

Chain restaurants offer more than just a chance for people who can’t afford five-star dining to enjoy a night out. Chain restaurants offer families the chance to get together and have fun. Although the atmosphere is more important than the family’s kitchen or dining room it is what matters most.

Brian Stelter, back in 2021, tweeted this picture of a snake walking by his farmhouse.

“Is this a snake that I should be concerned about?” This is the second time I have seen one in my yard this spring.

He was a garter serpent and was well barbecued for this faux concern. Let’s be real. Stelter didn’t worry about the snake. He wanted everyone to know that he owned a farmhouse. He is a gentleman farmer, it seems. He wanted us to see how cultured he was, just like Alex.

Enjoy your evening at Chilis or Applebee’s, Olive Garden or Red Lobster. God knows you and your family deserve it. You don’t have to impress anyone.