Chick-fil-A Employee Tackles Carjacker, Saves Mother and Baby


I’ve seen stories of Chick-fil-A employees going to great lengths for their customers, but this definitely ranks up there as one of the greatest moments.

According to reports, William Branch, 43 years old, ran up to the woman as she was removing her baby from her car at Beal Parkway in Okaloosa County. He used a stick to fight the woman and got her keys, but before he could drive away, Chick-fil-A employee Mykel Gordon ran up and pulled the carjacker out.

The two proceeded to tussle on the ground but Gordon gained the upper hand. Soon other CFA employees closed in but Gordon had the issue under control. Branch ceased to struggle against Gordon and sat still.

The Chick-fil-A worker put the carjacker in a headlock, while his coworkers ran over to assist him.

Branch was arrested and charged with carjacking with a weapon and battery.

Chick-fil-A itself has had some ups and downs when it comes to the popularity of its business, but its employees continue to be a great example of, not just customer service, but how to be good people. This time, it wasn’t just a good deed, it was an employee putting themselves in danger in order to help someone who needed it.