Top Pentagon UFO Official’s New Theory About Aliens Is Sending Shockwaves Through The Scientific Community


Politico reports that experts questioned the credibility the Pentagon’s UFO investigation office after the head of the office co-authored an article stating that unidentified objects may be used by aliens to study Earth.

In a draft of an article dated March 7, AARO leader Sean Kirkpatrick, and Harvard professor Avi Löeb stated that unidentified aircraft could be “probes” for a “parent ship” operated by extraterrestrials. This was reported first by the Daily Caller. Kirkpatrick is a competent and intelligent scientist. However, Politico reports that some experts believe his willingness to attach his name to a hypothetical with little evidence could undermine AARO’s credibility.

“It is a fine line, because being open to speculative thoughts” like this can translate into actually supporting this possibility. I think there needs to more clarity,” Alejandro Rojas said to the outlet. “It looks like [DoD] is supporting some really crazy ideas that are so far unsubstantiated,” said Alejandro Rojas, a board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies.

Kirkpatrick held senior positions at DoD, U.S. Space Command and the National Security Council, as well as various intelligence agencies. He was also the chief scientist of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s missile and spatial intelligence center.

According to Politico, David Jewitt is a professor of Astronomy at the University of California Los Angeles. He called some of its claims “highly doubtful.”

Kirkpatrick & Loeb, in a section entitled “The Extraterrestrial Possibility”, imagine a scenario that extraterrestrials are equipped with vehicles fitted with advanced propulsion technologies and specialized Artificial Intelligence.

The authors stated that “Electronic Probes using conventional chemical propulsion would be an excellent choice for travel in a planet system.” Such autonomous systems could be built to survive even when the senders cannot communicate with them and to deposit probes once they reach the target planet systems.

The article shows that a subsequent section discusses both the physical and logistical limitations of the hypothetical super-fast propulsion system and the signatures these objects would leave on Earth.

Once an Earth-like world is selected, an interstellar object can be launched into its atmosphere. The article states that a mothership passing near Earth can release a number of small devices.

In 2022, the Pentagon created the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office to investigate reports of UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), some of which seem to operate outside of known physics.

Recent information compiled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which gathered data from the U.S. Intelligence Community, revealed that the majority, if no all, UAP sightings are of everyday objects or spying gadgets deployed by other countries. Politico reports that officials don’t rule out alien life when asked.