NATO Ally Hungary Called Biden Admin A ‘Top 3 Adversary’


According to documents leaked by the Daily Caller, Hungary is a NATO member along with the United States and has named the Biden Administration as one of its three main adversaries.

During a February 22 session of political strategy, Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban named the United States one of his top three enemies, according to the intelligence provided by the U.S. Embassy at Budapest and the CIA, which was referenced in this document. As NATO allies both the United States and Hungary are legally bound to defend one another from foreign aggression.

The classified documents were first circulated on social media in March, after they allegedly originated on a Discord server. The documents were then removed from social media before being resurfaced in media reports over the past few days.

Orban’s assessment is described as an “escalation in the level of anti American rhetoric” from Budapest.

Biden’s administration and Orban’s government have clashed at different points over the last two years. Officials in Washington accused Orban of leading “a democratic backslide,” which has seen his nation become less free, and more authoritarian. Orban’s social policies have won him allies on the right in the United States. Many conservatives praise his efforts to make it easier for families to be raised in the conservative tradition.

The Biden administration chose not to invite Hungary as a participant at its Summit for Democracy held in March.

Hungary has stronger ties with Russia than other NATO members. Budapest, along with Turkey, was slow to ratify the addition of Finland, which was proposed nearly a year ago.