Kamala Harris Heaps Praise On Al Sharpton


In a Friday speech, Vice President Kamala Harris described Al Sharpton as “part” of the American conscience, despite his decades-long criticism for antisemitism.

Harris, speaking at the National Action Network Convention, said: “I thank all of you, everyone, on behalf of everything that you do and are.” “And, as I’ve said many times in public and private, Rev., no matter where I am, you always speak the truth about the importance justice for everyone, and you are part the conscience of our nation. I thank you for everything that you do.”

According to the National Action Network, Harris was one of several Biden administration officials that appeared at the convention held in New York City. They included Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo were also present.

Sharpton became famous in 1987 after he supported Tawana’s claim that she was raped. Later, it was revealed that the accusations were false.

Sharpton, who hosts the weekend show for MSNBC, has also been accused of inciting violence at the Crown Heights riots of 1991, which led to the death Yankel Rosenbaum. He was a Talmudic scholar. In a 1992 video, he calls for “offing pigs.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a participant in the protests allegedly entered the store and killed seven people before setting it ablaze.