Tom Brady Wins Potentially His Final Week 1 Matchup, Dak Prescott Gives Update on Injury


Officially, this could be Tom Brady’s last season in the NFL. Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers began their season against the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington on Sunday Night Football.

Both teams started slowly, but the Cowboys took a 3-0 lead. After the first quarter, the Bucs responded with two field goals. They led 6-3. In the second quarter, the field goal battle was won by the Buccaneers. They stopped quarterback Dak Prescott’s offensive attack and shut down the Cowboys. At halftime, it was 12-3. The Bucs’ lead was enlarged when Brady found Mike Evans, a wide receiver. The game was won 19-3 by the Bucs after neither team scored in the final quarter.

For statistics and scores, I created a breakdown of all morning/afternoon games.

The Cowboys’ home loss to the Buccaneers was embarrassing. Dak Prescott was injured in the final quarter and had to leave the game to go to the locker area. Later, he was diagnosed with a thumb fracture and will need surgery.

Prescott spoke out about the injury after the loss. Prescott said:

“It’s disappointing but it happens. It’s not something you can control. It’s just unfortunate. It’s obvious that I will be absent for some time. This is what really hurts, especially after the announcement. I wanted to be able to respond, even if it meant not being able to for several weeks. It’s disappointing, but it is what I do every time adversity presents itself. Accept it head-on and I’ll do my best to make this a better experience.”

“Thought I jammed it. I mean, I’ve hit on however many bodies, a lot in my career, and never really had anything [except] maybe a jammed finger, and I actually thought that’s what it was. On the next play, I realized I couldn’t grip the ball, and let the sideline know. Then, when I got off, I told the trainers the same thing. I said, ‘I can’t grip it. I feel like if you yank it, I’ll be OK,’ and I came in and got X-rays and things were different.”

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, responded to a question about whether Prescott’s injury will end the season.

“You must remember that he isn’t out for the year in any manner. He will be out several times, but not for the entire year. Let’s win some games, then we can be in the playoffs when it comes.”

Cooper Rush will take over as the Cowboys’ interim quarterback unless Cam Newton is signed.