Chris Pratt Remembers Those Who Kissed Their Families Goodbye One Last Time on September 11th


Chris Pratt, like many Americans, is paying tribute the those who lost their lives on September 11. On Sunday, the actor posted on Instagram and Facebook to remember the victims of this harrowing attack.

“Today we remember those who woke up and said goodbye to their families before going to work, not realizing that they would never return. Today we remember those who risked everything for our country and our freedom. We will always remember them. #911”

A picture of American flags arranged in rows on a hill was attached to the Terminal List star’s posting.

While some may argue that there is nothing noteworthy about his message, they aren’t likely to be familiar with the current state of American patriotism, especially among Hollywood and the young people he influences.

Chris is unapologetically pro-America, pro-military, and outspokenly Christian, which sets him apart from his peers.

What number of celebrities would you think would send this message to the youth of the country?

How many box office giants have their Instagram pages featuring them driving a massive Massey Ferguson 590 row-crop tractor? Chris captioned an August 25 photo of him in overalls with the following: “Wherever your mind wanders, that’s where your heart is.” Today, my #StillwaterRanch is where it is today.

His expressions of gratitude are genuine and authentic. There is no sign that his head is in the clouds.

For example, at the premiere of his Prime Video hit The Terminal List he was thrilled to see a group of elderly veterans. According to The Associated Press, these are WWII veterans who make a pilgrimage every year to Normandy. They were so happy to be here. It was unexpected for me. I didn’t realize they would be coming to my house.

“When I first saw them, I thought, Oh my god, we need to spend some time together,” you know? “There isn’t enough time in this world. On a press line where everything is fifteen-second bites. I would love to have a conversation with them …”

He continued, “I have an absolute affinity to our Navy SEAL community,” and added, “for our men in uniform, and for our special operators, and all that they go through, and all that they sacrifice.”

On Sunday, he joined millions to remember the victims of the most horrific terror attack on American soil. It claimed the lives of innocent victims as well as emergency service personnel who willingly gave their lives for others.

Of course, the ability to convey such sentiments by one person is not nearly as important as the need for them to be shared with the masses. America is slowly losing its soul. To ensure our collective safety, we must show love to our fellow citizens and learn from the past. This will be largely accomplished by the military Chris loves. All institutions, even that one, are weakening. However, our nation is worth fighting for and innocent Americans are worthy of mourning.

Let us remember the lives lost and create a new future. And let us hug our children tonight to express gratitude for the gift that is life.