Struggling Soldiers Told to Apply for Food Stamps as Biden Sends Billions for Ukraine Military


The Democrats plan to vaxx our military and have them woken up, woken, and broken. Active service members are finding it difficult to pay their bills on the homefront due to Bidenflation. Instead of giving our soldiers a well-deserved raise the Pentagon says, “Get on to the dole, dogface.”

How is it possible for the government to expect our armed forces that they will wake up at five o’clock in the morning and spend 10 hours per day learning battle tactics and the difference between genderqueers or pansexuals if they have no food?

Sgt. Maj. of Army Michael A. Grinston recently provided financial guidance for his soldiers. He stated, “With inflation affecting everything, from gasoline prices to groceries and rent, some Soldiers are finding it more difficult to make ends meet on the budgets that they’ve established and used in the past. All ranks of soldiers can access the Army’s Financial Readiness program for guidance, advice, and assistance.

The guidance includes financial advice and help for soldiers and their spouses.

SNAP, a U.S. government program, provides benefits to low-income families and individuals via an electronic benefits card. This card can be used as a debit card to buy eligible food at authorized retail food shops. Service personnel and their families might be eligible. Visit the SNAP website to determine eligibility. You can also call the SNAP information number at 800-221 5689.

Here’s what steams my clams. The Army cannot get a raise to purchase food. Yet, the Democrats, who have been drunk on power since they took control of all three branches, have sent $54 billion to Ukraine. We can’t forget about the billions of dollars of war material Joe “allegedly gave to his young daughter.” Biden also left it to a group of terrorists. For our patriotic soldiers, it is humiliating to tell those who risk their lives to apply for food stamps.