Amber Heard’s Weird Lip-Smacking Expert Whines About Internet Making Fun of Him


It is easy to see why Dr. David Spiegel wouldn’t be happy with his internet legacy after the Johnny Depp-v. Amber Heard trials. He was a paid expert in the Johnny Depp-v. Amber Heard case. Dennison took Spiegel’s testimony and made mincemeat out of it.

Dr. Spiegel’s testimony was absurd. He should know this. But instead of owning up to how bizarre and unprofessional it was to attempt to diagnose Depp by watching his movies and interviews, Spiegel has written an op-ed in Newsweek blaming all of you for laughing at his batsh*t crazy performance. In “I Testified in the Heard vs. Depp Trial. The Backlash Has Been Horrific,” Spiegel wrote about experiencing his fifteen minutes of fame.

It was clearly hurtful to hear this much.

Doctor, the first rule of YouTube is to not read comments.

Perhaps Spiegel got a taste of what Depp has been going through for the last six years when no one believed he was the victim of abuse and instead painted him as the abuser. False depictions hurt, and Spiegel’s client, Amber Heard, is the queen of fabricating false allegations. Her experts who helped her corroborate her lies should feel the sting of taint by association. How on earth didn’t they see it?

There are few people alive today who have not been the target of some online campaign at some point. Whether a small business responding to a negative barrage of Yelp! reviews after some public embarrassment or a journalist like myself who says something that stirs up a hornet’s nest, that’s the reality of the Internet. Put your big boy pants on; it won’t last very long.

I believed that Spiegel would address the criticisms of those who were most concerned about him violating the Goldwater rule by armchair diagnosing someone with whom they had never spoken. Instead, he complained about some bad reviews.

You can still view my WebMD page, even though it is closed for comments. There were seven to eight reviews and then, suddenly, on Monday, May 23rd, and Tuesday, May 24, hundreds of them. It was clear what had happened.

Yes, doctor. People on the internet will see your reviews first. Sites hosting reviews will eventually remove fake reviews and restore your rating.

Dr. Spiegel then compared internet laughter to psychotic killers who threatened him with death.

I have dealt with people who were not convicted of murder due to insanity. I’ve also had to deal with psychotic individuals who threatened my life. I have never been bothered by this.

I think I would be more concerned about actual killers knowing my address and name than I would internet jokesters looking for the lulz. That’s me. Spiegel went insane. Depp was then blamed for failing to call the jokesters. As if Depp could control the Internet.

I would have liked Mr. Depp to get ahead of this and to have said, “Listen, I understand you are upset, but there are ways to express how to be upset.” The fact that he hasn’t probably says potential volumes about him. Ms. Heard hasn’t come out and said anything either, but my opinion is that she is the most vulnerable person in this situation. If I had groupies and I saw them attacking and harassing someone they don’t know, I would have said what I said during the trial; that there are ways to express dissatisfaction, and then there are ways not to. I think when Mr. Depp first noticed this behavior from his fans, he should have re-directed their emotions.

It was nice to exonerate Amber Heard from any responsibility, even though a jury unanimously determined that she wasn’t “vulnerable” or a victim of domestic violence. He still believes Heard is a victim and a perpetrator.

Spiegel tried to make us feel sorry about his client’s losses.

Professional fallback is possible. Is it possible for some patients to stop coming to me?

They dropped Spiegel because of his conduct at the stand and not because of internet memes. This is all due to Spiegel’s unprofessional attempts to diagnose someone he hasn’t interviewed and his bizarre and combative behavior.

Spiegel tried to make the Internet feel sorry for him, insinuating the Internet makes him feel “unsafe”.

I have seen people express hurtful or dangerous emotions. You can express your dissatisfaction or frustration with my testimony.

Dr. Spiegel, it’s not possible to just wave your hands at the Internet and say they are better. Stop waving flags at mad bulls in pain and injured.

I have never been the victim of so much hatred in my life.

Spiegel didn’t provide any evidence that he had been threatened with anything. “I received derogatory letters at my professional address and a rude call by my staff”.

You have to be kidding me.