The White House Spins Lies While Doing Damage Control After Migrant Death Disaster


A truck carrying approximately 100 illegal immigrants was found abandoned outside San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday. At least 46 people were dead inside the truck.

Many blame Joe Biden and open-borders policies. As usual, the White House responds by lying.

When asked about the White House’s response in condemnation of Biden for the tragedy she answered that Karine Jean-Pierre tried to deflect the question by pretending to be concerned for those who had lost their lives or their families.

“So, 46 people died — right? We are still trying to find their names. As is the norm in tragic situations, their families still have to learn how they lost loved ones.

She insisted that the White House wanted to hold human smugglers responsible before she served the worst lie you’ve ever heard.

She said that the truth of the matter was that the border is closed. This is partly why people are trying to make dangerous journeys using smuggling networks.

Umm, what? The border is now closed. Is anyone going to tell the many illegal immigrants heading to our southern border right this moment or to the illegal immigrants being held in government facilities, or even to be shipped to other states within the country’s interior?

Biden’s border crisis has been the subject of our reporting for more than a year. For the most part, his administration has been denialist about the existence of a crisis. Is it really possible for them to pretend that the border is closed will allow us to forget that illegal immigrants are flooding into the country at historic levels?

The White House should not dig itself deeper into a hole. Instead, they need to continue building the wall.