Absurd Lies The Pro-Choice Movement Tell


Dr. Bernard Nathanson was a prominent figure in New York’s 1960s adoption of abortion laws. He was responsible for 75,000 abortions. Dr. Nathanson acknowledged that pro-abortion activists used demonizing Catholic Church Church, lies, and fake statistics to their advantage. Nathanson was able to come to terms with and confront the science and became pro-life. After the invention of ultrasound, Nathanson was baptized as a Catholic.

One thing that is consistent about pro-abortion advocates is their insistence on lying and demonizing people of faith. They frequently use the kitchen table as their office.

This could be why you’re hearing today from pro-abortion advocates arguments that are as old and as familiar as 50-year-old bread loaves.

Claim: Pro-lifers don’t care about the financial well-being of mother and child.

This argument states that abortion is about solving financial problems. This latest meme is socialist nonsense. If pro-lifers cared about others, they would pay for all costs associated with raising children. If everything in life was free, everyone would not have an abortion. Because Head Start lacks sufficient funding, abortion exists. It is important to remember that New York City has more pro-life centers than abortion clinics selling death.

John Cardinal O’Connor called them out on this canard many decades ago. He promised to offer all the assistance needed to any mother who was unable to keep her child or give it up for adoption. Although many people asked for his help, fears that he would make the diocese bankrupt were not substantiated. This is a case where liberal pie-in-the-sky talk has no street cred. People go to abortion clinics out of fear and not because they have a tight budget. Many don’t have a budget and don’t know what it means. Friends and family feel left out. Once the fear subsides, the list of essential needs becomes closer to what is really important in daily life. Arguments such as “I don’t have the money to pay for college” are quickly forgotten. It’s all about taking one step at a given time and getting practical support from caring people.

Fear usually has a face. The boyfriend promises to leave or threatens to commit physical violence. Parents use whatever credibility they can to avoid social stigma and inconvenience. Peer pressure from nitwits who will, just like the boyfriend, abandon them later, regardless of whether or not they have an abortion. A smaller number of liberals are afraid that success in life and having children is mutually exclusive. They are so shortsighted in their views of motherhood and themselves. Do you ever wonder what all their friends will be like when they get older?

If abortion was a positive thing, then why would the pro-abortion movement need to scare people to force them to have it? It is vital to document abortion coercion in America. Yes, abortions wouldn’t disappear if cradle-to-grave socialism was implemented. People on Medicaid already have cradle-to-grave socialism and abortion is more common now than ever before. Mothers who wish to keep their babies can get help. Abortionists who are unable to pay the repackaging and abortion costs, as well as their hefty paychecks, won’t be able to get help. This is the real financial need behind all this talk. Clinics need to have budgets, payrolls, and quotas.

Claim: Prolifers give me a guilt trip?

Tell the COVID-19 czars. If you are dependent on someone to get rid of them, how many teens would they send to the gallows? How many elderly and frail parents would receive a lethal injection of poison?

If a mother is a female, how can her body become miraculously male during pregnancy? Science has shown that all parts of your body, including your heart, appendix, tonsils, and arms, have the same DNA. We are talking about completely different DNA in the womb. We are sorry, but DNA that is not “yours” is not your body. Even if your child becomes a criminal, the DNA evidence won’t make you go to prison. It is well-known that DNA is an individual’s unique marker of identity.

.Claim: It is not a life, it is an exaggeration.

Recent surveys of 5,000 biologists representing 1,000 institutions found that 96% agreed with the statement “Human life starts at conception.” There is no potential human being. Human biology is a binary system. It exists or it doesn’t. If you are in the business of granting humanity to others, then you have crossed the line. One wag observed that Democrats hadn’t been so insane since the liberation of their slaves after Dobbs’ decision. Yes, you don’t have the same authority over a child as you do over a slave.

Claim: Pro-lifers believe forced pregnancy is acceptable.

Children are not born by storks in normal day-to-day living. The possibility of getting pregnant is possible once the decision has been made to have sex. This is the moment when you make the decision. There are two main categories of men: predators and protectors. Predators see abortion as the final form of contraception. They will be exempted from all responsibility. It doesn’t matter if there is collateral damage for women. The main argument against abortion is really the one that is made more truthfully by those who believe the libertine sexual revolution to be a positive societal benefit and corporate materialist executives who worship at its altar of efficiency. They claim children do not have the right to interfere with the lives or profits of an adult, and that they should be able to be destroyed as often as necessary. It’s brutal, but it’s far more honest.

Claim: The pro-life movement has become violent.

The pro-life movement is based on the nonviolent approach of the Rev. Martin Luther King. As a quick glance at the news following the Dobbs decision shows, their opponents are ready to wage war on terror in order to win their way. In 49 years there have been seven murders at abortion clinics and 45 acts of property vandalism. In the last week, there has been more property destruction than in any other 49 years of the pro-life movement. The highest cause of death for pregnant women in the United States is murder or femicide, according to this academic study. This study also shows that domestic abuse is three times more likely in pregnant women than it is in the general population and that it is more prevalent in the black community. Is this why almost 50% of black pregnancies end up in abortion? If they pretend that there isn’t widespread violence and they aren’t making a profit from it, pro-abortion people aren’t going to this argument with clean hands. Abortion is just a bandaid to hide a host of domestic problems that politicians and social leaders do not want to confront.

It’s like calling Senator Bernie Sanders the leader of a violent movement because one of his supporters shot down Republican Congressmen on a field. This is another pointless talk-point–pure mudslinging.

Claim: You cannot accept my values.

Do you think it is okay to impose laws on slavery, child abuse, and rape? Every law imposes certain values on you. You are required to follow any law. This is a value. It’s amazing, just think about it. What about when President Obama tried to make the Little Sisters of the Poor pay for abortions for their employees. How many years did Obama and Biden’s hypocrites chase these nuns through the courts, until the Supreme Court ordered them to stop? Instead of closing down this life-affirming medical treatment for the poor, the pro-aborts would have allowed one nun to escape paying for her employee’s abortion.

An opponent of abortion friend was critical of the Dobbs decision. He said that people shouldn’t force their values on others; they should just live and let it all happen. Live and let live. He probably said more than he thought. These people would insist on imposing their values on nuns. It is probably the same reason why there is so much anger in the streets. You can either see yourself in the mirror and realize that you have made a mistake like Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Or you can get mad and destroy the mirror and anyone who is a mirror to you.