California’s Newsom Loads Billions Into the Cash Cannon to Pay Off Voters in November


Gov. Gavin Newsom is awash with federally-issued COVID-19 American greenbacks that inflictuously induce inflation. He will grab billions and stuff them into his cash cannon before he shoots them all across California.

As Newsom hopes to win over angry voters, Californians will receive this cash money by his design. Democrats hope enough voters will return their thank you ballots so that they can keep the supermajority and ruin the Golden State.

Some people still on state’s polluted voter rolls, abortion tourists, or illegal aliens flooding the state could be eligible for an undeserved payday with all of the cash. We may never know. Perhaps prisoners will get their share of Newsom’s COVID money once more.

The unspent COVID cash is a testimony to the ethical bankruptcy of California Democrats. They should repay the debt, such as the trillion-dollar unfunded pension liability, if they aren’t willing to return it. They could also have used the money for the state’s electric grid and reservoirs to save Californians from the huge gas taxes. Instead, Democrats will allow another gas tax hike to take effect July 1.

However, ensuring that the basic elements of a functioning economy are available, like cheaper gas, more energy and water in the desert oasis, isn’t as easy as firing the cash cannon.

The Wall Street Journal details the payoff scheme. The federal generosity in the 2021 Covid bill, and the booming capital-gains revenues have resulted in a $100 billion surplus for the Golden State. The Journal reports that individuals earning up to $75,000 will receive $350 each and an additional $350 per dependent for a maximum of $1.050 per family. Newsom will not pay a family earning more than $500,000 if they reduce their checks to $250 and $200 respectively.

It is a program for middle-class people, according to the governor.

My daughter texted me shortly after the announcement of this bribe. I received a screenshot of the news article from her with the words “What the heck ?!!!?” We have learned nothing! “!” The message was accompanied with emojis that showed a woman covering her face in her hand, and one of my favorite gifs, Elmo, which is pictured against a wall made of flames, arms reaching for the sky.

My daughter replied, “No, they have not learned anything except that people can walk around with cash money during election time.”

The taxpayers are being screwed. They will still be responsible for the state’s misguided green policies as a homage to the climate-cult, and they will also have to pay the higher prices this inflation-inducing cash causes.

A keen commentator at the WSJ noticed that the governor’s math was wrong. Surprise! It’s a big surprise. Where is the $2,150 surplus?