The View Hosts Hilarious Responses to Consequences of Illegal Immigration


The View’s Friday morning segment was one of the most unintentionally funny ever, as the hosts discussed the illegal immigration crisis that is currently affecting New York City.

According to a previous report, Mayor Eric Adams stated on Wednesday that approximately 120,000 illegal immigrants arrived in New York City under the Biden Administration, some of whom were delivered via the bussing program started by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The Democrat is upset and claims that the situation will “destroy” his city. Adams isn’t the only one to make this criticism.

Ana Navarro is one of The View’s co-hosts. She echoed this sentiment and said that illegal immigrants should be relocated elsewhere. The View is filmed in Manhattan.

NAVARRO: You know, we have dealt with this issue before. I was an immigrant and a migrant living in Miami during the 1980s. You remember the Mariel Boat Lift. In just 6 months, 125,000 Cubans arrived. This puts a huge strain on a city’s social services, community, and even the local government. It is necessary to relocate them elsewhere.

HAINES: This is a huge country, so they need to spread them out.

BEHAR: It’s going to only get worse because of global warming and climate change. People can’t even live in some parts of the world.

That may be the biggest case of NIMBYism (for those who aren’t familiar with that term, it means “not in my backyard”) in history. Here, we have a bunch of rich, liberal wine sippers who don’t just support Biden’s border policies, but heavily promote them, suddenly learning what the consequences of illegal immigration are. Their response? To proclaim that they just need to be moved elsewhere because “this is a massive country.”

It’s so absurd, I just can’t help but laugh. It’s absurd. Democrats talk about compassion and the poem that appears on the Statue of Liberty until illegal immigrants begin to show up in their neighborhoods. Did they always think that this would be a Texas or Arizona issue? Did they think that every illegal immigrant was going to live in El Paso for the rest of his or her life? What does it say about the morality of those who would let border states and their residents as long as they didn’t have to?

The studio where The View films is the perfect place to send every illegal immigrant. They’ve surely got the space to accommodate them, right? They’re sure to have the money to feed and dress them.

NIMBYism, on the other hand, is a form of hypocrisy. The crisis must be carried by those who created it. Ana Navarro and her other co-hosts are included in this. They wanted an open border, and they should have it.