Was Joe Biden Silent on 9/11 Anniversary?


Joe Biden’s decision to hide on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks is bad enough, but you would think that he and the White House would compensate in some way.

As of 8:40 a.m. on September 11th, no statement has been released by the White House. And that’s not because it’s too early for the White House to post statements. So far, on this anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack in our nation’s history, the White House has posted four things to the White House “Briefing Room” page, including a statement, all relating to his trip to Vietnam.

White House Press Office also hasn’t issued any statements.

Guess who’s already sent a statement? Donald Trump.

Trump said in a video released on Monday that “no one who has lived through the terror of the terrorist attacks on September 11th can ever forget the pain and anguish experienced on that terrible day. Images of the dark smoke plumes billowing above Lower Manhattan, The Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania – such a beautiful field – are seared forever into our memories. We will never forget. On this solemn anniversary, we remember those 2,977 precious lives that were brutally taken away from us that morning, 22 years ago. They left a void that can never be fully filled. It will never be filled, no matter what. We will pray for the beautiful families that they left behind, whose pain is unimaginable. What they’ve been through is beyond belief.”

Trump said, “We salute the firefighters and the New York PD police department – what great people they are! They are so great – and the Port Authority police officers, as well as the Virginia, D.C., and Pentagon police and military service members, in fact, all across the country. They went to the scene of the most horrific crime and acted with heroism. Many of them gave their lives while on duty. They left other states to go to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. God bless all those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. We will never forget. We love you. God bless them, God bless America and God bless their families. Thank you.”

Where is Joe Biden now? Was he in Vietnam for something so important that it was impossible to be in the US on 9/11? Instead, he squeezed in a late afternoon visit to an Alaskan service. Biden was credited with two posts made on the official POTUS Twitter/X page, but it is not believed that he had any involvement in those. Americans are used to hearing their president on this day. A video statement, even if it was prerecorded, would have been more appropriate in his absence. But I guess he wasn’t bothered.