California Passes Bill 957 to ‘Gender-Affirm’ Kids, Even Against Parents’ Wishes


The Assembly has approved some procedural state Senate amendments. This means that the measure is now officially passed, and it will be sent to Governor Gavin Newsom.

It is almost certain that the divisive Governor, who has made gender identification and a war against parents a key part of his platform will sign it. Only the fact that the law might not be as popular with the rest of America as it is in California could give him pause. Hair Gel’s presidential ambitions could be hampered by this.

As I’ve written in previous coverage:

You could be charged with child abuse for refusing to call your son Jane and buying him dresses. If you refuse to bend your knee, authorities could remove your child.

California courts have the authority to remove a child if their parents do not approve of LGBTQ+ ideologies.

Schools, churches, hospitals, and other institutions that interact with children will be forced to confirm “gender changes” for minors by default if they don’t want to face child abuse charges.

Lori Wilson (California State Rep.) spoke about the bill earlier this year.

Parents affirm their child. It usually happens when the gender identity of a child matches that of their biological gender. When it doesn’t happen, affirmation begins to fade… It is our duty as parents to affirm our children.

Parents affirm their children when they feel they are on the correct path. Now, if the parent is concerned about a child changing their identity, then they have to “affirm” that choice without question. This choice could lead to life-altering surgery, puberty-blocking drugs, and much more. It’s not just about calling “John”, or “Jane”. This goes beyond that. Madness.

Scott Wiener, a radical state senator from California, is the one who pushed for the amendment which says:

For the purposes of this bill, a parent would have to affirm the gender identity of their child as part of health, safety, and welfare.

California is waging war against parents by threatening districts such as the Chino Valley Unified District and suing them for trying to implement a policy requiring schools to inform parents when their child changes their “gender identification.” Newsom and Attorney-General Rob Bonta are also aggressively pushing sexually-oriented curriculums onto school boards that don’t think little children should learn about such things.

Parents, we hate you, is the message that California’s ruling party sends out. Their other message California parents are told, “Your children are not yours, they are ours.”