The Left’s Reactions to Conservatism Prove How Intellectually Bankrupt They Are


Florida Democrats had an opportunity to present their vision of teaching children about the LGBTQ movement. It was almost as if Republicans gave Democrats a gift when they proposed HB 1557 (also known as the Parental Rights in Education Bill). Either the Democrats could have tried to offer an alternative that was as thoughtfully crafted and reasonably worded as the GOP’s, or they could simply have defended the status quo.
But not. But no.

Democrats instead took one aspect of the bill and exaggerated it, the section that “prohibits school discussion on sexual orientation or gender identity at certain grade levels.” Democrats branded HB 1557 “Don’t Say Gay” and persuaded the mainstream media to accept it as a branding example.

Then, Democrats in Florida decided that using the term “gay”, as often as possible, was the best way to defeat the Parental Rights in Education Act.

Florida Democrats thought people would think they were gay. Perhaps 7-year olds can be convinced that they are transgender.

Didn’t you base your decision on Florida’s laws on Luke Skywalker’s views about it?

You might also like to add that Hamill’s idiotic tweet generated a lot of complaints from German users on Twitter. It’s amazing.

After Disney CEO Bob Chapek called DeSantis, Hamill’s former employer and major economic force, Disney has “paused” all political donations in Florida. Chapek was trying to convince him to stop supporting “Don’t Say Gay.” DeSantis basically told Chapek that he would pound the sand. The funny thing about this stunt is that Disney gives to both the Republican and Democratic parties of the state.

The Democrats’ intellectual bankrupty is evident in all of their Democrat shenanigans around the Parental Rights in Education Bill. They would have presented the legislation if they had any idea of how to fight it. They have only mischaracterized the bill and are chanting the same words over and over in order to make their case for a rational piece of legislation.

Multiple times in recent years, we’ve seen just how stupid the Democrats are when it comes to intelligence. In Texas and Georgia, Republicans passed laws last year that secured elections and protected against fraud.

As a counter to these sensible measures, the Democrats used lies to their advantage. These lies became a talking point because they were repeated so often. It was even called “Jim Crow in 21st Century America” by President Joe Biden. Thank-God-she’s-not-Gov. Stacey Abrams started a smear campaign to attack her home state. She wrote an editorial in USA Today calling on Georgians not to be boycotted. USA Today later allowed her to moderate her rhetoric. Why is Abrams so hostile to the state she wants as her ruler?

Major League Baseball pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta because of the lies. The Braves had the last laugh though, winning a World Series trophy. Other corporations also spoke out against Georgia. Atlanta’s mayoral race saw a rise in voter turnout, particularly among minorities, which Democrats claimed would be affected by Georgia’s new law.

In the intellectually bankrupt party, the “voter suppression” narrative is so common that they only have one solution: proposed legislation calling for the federal takeover. Why is it that a Democrat solution always involves the largest role for government?

There are many other issues that I could talk about — abortion, environmentalism and the list goes on — but the obvious fact is that the left has given up on any pretense to have any new ideas that would appeal to anyone except their far-left wing. They have nothing but lies, stunts, silliness, and petty nonsense. We can only pray that they will pay at the polls this fall and in 2024.