The RNC Has a Brilliant Way to Help Americans Fight Back Against Biden’s High Gas Prices


Millions of Americans feel the pinch at gas pumps and the Biden administration is doing nothing to help, so citizens are growing frustrated with the state of the country.

Registering Americans to vote is a great way to spread the word that there is an alternative to Democrats’ stupidity on energy costs and inflation. The Republican National Committee started a voter registration campaign at gas stations last weekend.

The Hill reports that on Saturday afternoon, the first voter registration event was held in Phoenix. Volunteers and staff spent two hours signing up Americans angry about high gas prices.

“Arizonans are frustrated by paying record-high gas prices, this is an issue which affects almost all Arizonans,” Ben Petersen (the RNC’s Arizona spokesperson) told AZ Central. “There is no doubt that everyone feels the pain at the pumps. A gas station may be the best place for one our volunteers to have a chat with someone and get them registered to vote.

He said, “Registering someone to be a Republican voter” was one of the most important things we can do for our ground program. He cited RNC data which showed that 80% of newly-registered Republican voters went out to vote in their first election.

These events take place while Democrats continue to pass blame for rising energy prices. This week, President Biden blamed oil companies and oil companies for the increase in oil prices.

Biden also blamed Vladimir Putin’s invasion in Ukraine and Russia for the rise of gas prices. However, they had been on the rise since before Putin sent his army to Ukraine. Biden has warned Americans to be ready for higher gas prices, while offering no relief.

High gas prices are a complicated problem. My PJ Media colleague Athena Thorne outlined the many factors that influence gas prices earlier in the month. Many of these factors point directly at the Biden administration.

For months, Democrats have been chanting flippantly “Let’s eat cake” or “Let’s drive expensive electric cars” since the beginning. It seems so easy to them — it’s a no-brainer really — even though the average price of an electric vehicle is in mid-$50,000 and most consumers aren’t looking for a new car. Even though the government promises to build more charging stations, there is not enough infrastructure to charge EVs long distances.

Smart citizens don’t fall for the Biden administration’s efforts to hide the truth from the American people. The RNC is profiting from the issue and will conduct additional registration drives across the country in the coming weeks. This is all to set the stage for a red-wave this fall.