A Warning for the Gatekeepers in the Liberal Media


The New York Times confirmed Hunter Biden’s laptop was authentic. It contained illicit material and harmful information about the Bidens. A Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings revealed emails from the same laptop that the mainstream media had dismissed as Russian disinformation.

The New York Times obtained the emails from a cache of files from which Mr. Biden apparently left a laptop in a Delaware repair shop. People familiar with the email and other files in the cache were able to authenticate them,” the newspaper said.

Is this true? It’s not true. I can remember 50 ex-senior intelligence officers signing a letter saying that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “all the classic hallmarks of a Russian Information Operation.” This gave Joe Biden cover to pretend the story didn’t exist and gave the media an excuse to not cover it. It also gave social media the pretext to censor any discussion.

There was no reason to believe that the contents of the laptop were Russian disinformation. Conservative media recognized that the laptop was authentic from the moment the New York Post reported on it and all its dirty secrets. Even when the New York Post was removed from social media, we knew it was authentic and continued to report on it.

Donald Trump Jr. posted on Twitter that “anyone with a brain could see that the deep state worked with Big Tech and the establishment media to cover Hunter’s laptop scam to protect Joe in 2015”. These people are propagandists without any credibility and should never be believed on any topic.

We might not have discovered the story if it weren’t for conservative media reporting on it, despite all the attempts to cover it up. We might not have pushed the story as hard, and the New York Times wouldn’t have to admit that the laptop and its contents are authentic if we didn’t.

We stood up to big-tech censors despite attempts to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.