The Left Glamorize and Celebrate Abortions


Newsflash: Abortion is encouraged by the Left. My colleague covered this horrible behavior in 2020. The recent leakage by SCOTUS of an opinion rescinding Roe v Wade, and the Left’s reaction make it seem like the right moment to revisit the subject.

The complex issue of abortion has been debated for decades. Roe v Wade, 1973, did not erase these divisions, despite predictions. Its legal foundation was weak, and it created a new right not covered by the Constitution or its amendments.

No matter what side you’re on, it’s a shame that executions are celebrated with dance and confetti.

Beware of the potential for offensive behavior such as this college girl.

Can you dance and sing enough to celebrate an abortion? Have a great time!

Don’t forget to eat the cake.

Celebrate your “abortion anniversary” with a gingerbread abortion center:

Tweets can be offensive, but so is what they say. Michele Wolf (comedian) said in the 2020 comedy special, “You can feel anything after an abortion. “Buy one. You’ll be surprised at how it feels.” She said, “You know how people say you can’t be God?” “I left there feeling like Morgan Freeman and walking out saying, “Move over.  I am God! ”

She is God because she took a life. That’s not funny that is psychotic and she should be put in a mental facility.

Not finding abortions funny, maybe multiple will do the trick:

New York City passed a strict abortion law in 2019. It allows late-term abortion if the conditions are met. Andrew Cuomo was disgraced as New York’s former governor. The legislature cheered instead after the bill was passed.

There are many sites scattered all over the internet. Reddit has a page called “Lemme Celebrate My Abortion”. Buzzfeed has a photoshoot with happy parents wearing “I had Abortion T-shirts” and there is even a Twitter account named “@ShoutYrAbortion,” which uses F-bombs to target the Supreme Court.

One of these sites featured a story titled “Abortion Celebration Party”. Let me just tell you about the last sentence. “This baby has died!” ”

This kind of behavior is horrendous, even ghoulish, and serves only to further divide us. People that celebrate death are detestable.