Former Cop Derek Chauvin Makes Deal to Serve Sentence in Federal Prison for George Floyd’s Death


Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, has reached a deal to finish his sentence in federal prison for the May 2020 death of George Floyd. Chauvin and his lawyer reached a plea deal to admit to Floyd’s violation of federal civil rights. This would allow Chauvin to serve his sentence in a “safer” and more pleasant facility than the standard state prison.

Since his state trial, Chauvin and his lawyer have tried to transfer him to a federal facility. Chauvin was found guilty of murder by the jury, although he could have been released earlier. He will now be able to serve 20-25 years in federal prison if a federal judge sentences Chauvin.

Chauvin’s good news is that he may live to tell the tale when or if he gets out.

Most prisoners are not happy with the cops in prison, especially those who work for George Floyd’s execution.

Chauvin is appealing his conviction.

George Floyd’s murder in police custody sparked the “summer love” riots across the country. Minneapolis riots saw looting and arson and caused millions of dollars in damage. Scores of people were also hurt.

Floyd was a drug-addled and quasi-homeless drifter when police responded to a complaint by a shopkeeper about Floyd and his friends circulating forged $20 bills.

Floyd began to insist that he couldn’t breathe as he was being pushed out of his car. As Floyd continued, Chauvin demanded him to lie on the pavement. Chauvin shackled him with his knees on his stomach, shoulder, neck, and back as he refused to surrender to arrest.

Floyd died and the case caused international outrage.

Three more police officers are currently on trial in state courts for helping Chauvin kill Floyd.