The Left Eyes AI Power, Aiming to Turn It Against You, America


Although the idea of artificial intelligence sounds horrifying to some, I find it fascinating and am excited about what it can bring to the human race. AI is inevitable. The companies are spending ungodly sums of money to develop their versions. AI is a growing industry, and companies are losing billions for producing sub-par AI.

Google, for example, lost $90 billion of its market value following the disastrous release of Google Gemini. This AI was so woke, it responded to queries with leftist drivel and refused to produce accurate images of historical figures due to its directive to be inclusive and racially-sensitive toward minorities. After the AI produced a picture that looked like a black Nazi the company stopped various aspects of AI, and the market reacted accordingly.

AI will change the way humans live their lives. It’s inevitable. It’s up to us how it changes, so I urge everyone to speak out about it and not be afraid of it.

You can already tell that the left is.

Google Gemini provides a good example. The radical leftists who developed Gemini, knowing that AI would become a gateway to information, saw it as an opportunity to rewrite the history of mankind and promote leftist ideologies. Mike Miller reported on Thursday that when Gemini was asked if Americans should celebrate the Fourth of July, it began spewing anti-American nonsense. It compared the Declaration of Independence with the Communist Manifesto and accused the National Anthem of offensiveness.

This is also after Google began to work to fix the leftist bias that was evident in some Gemini features. The fixes don’t seem to be happening but it’s not surprising since Google has been radically biased towards the left for many years.

The left is more interested in using AI to advance a political agenda than for the benefit of humanity. Let’s look at the Huffington Post to see what they suggest AI can be used for.

Kaivan Shroff is a guest writer and says that Biden’s team should start using AI to create deep faking of Biden sounding confident and looking sharp:

Joe Biden has stuttered his entire life. In a fiery speech following his debate, he admitted: “I may not be able to walk or speak as smoothly as I once did.” This has hindered his ability to communicate with large audiences consistently. Video renderings and AI augmentations can smooth out the bumps, allowing Biden’s campaign to communicate the truth about our democracy and its accomplishments. As the president is also focused on running the nation, he has a limited amount of time for campaigning. AI could be an effective and cost-effective way to directly and personally communicate with voters.

Shroff explains this false representation of Biden by saying that the current “information ecosystem” contains a lot of misinformation.

Some may be able to argue that AI is dishonest and misleading, but it’s not better than the current information ecosystem. It could even be worse. The New York Post, for example, has shared viral videos of the president that have been deceptively edited and labeled ‘cheap fakes’ to make him look confused or weak.

Shroff claims that everyone is lying about the current state of Biden, despite our ability to see and hear for ourselves. To combat these lies, Democrats need to lie more, using AI.

I’ve been writing about AI and its pros and cons for a while now. AI has been extremely useful to me personally. I use it every day. There are a few pitfalls we must avoid to ensure that AI helps humanity and not hinders it. The left sees AI as a weapon to use against people, despite all the new opportunities and horizons it can open up.

It is only concerned with how it can be used to advance the agenda and gain power.

The left is willing to stop human progress if it means achieving or maintaining power. When billionaires started launching rockets I saw that the doors were opening for civilian space flight, and humanity becoming a multi-planetary species. The left saw that billions of dollars could have been used to fight climate change and other causes.

The advancement of technology is an important feature of humankind, but we must guide it in a way that benefits us. The left does not care about this. The left is not interested in the welfare of humanity. These advancements are seen as ways for the government to control and herd humanity. We must start speaking up. AI will be a major part of the human species very soon. We must jump in and assert ourselves to the debate, or else the left will use AI to enforce their will. This is not good.

AI is capable of so much. It can trick people into believing things that have never occurred or hearing things that have never been said. It can fake reports and make people believe they are someone that they’re not. It will be easier than ever to lie. It can (and does) use AI to censor and spread falsehoods against its opponents. You.

AI is one of the key battlegrounds for the future. You must stay on top of it and be sure to add your voice often.