Biden’s Campaign Crisis: Is “Dementia Joe” Unleashed?


The majority of Americans have seen a beloved grandparent or friend slide into the cruel twilights of dementia. Slow brain death can have heartbreaking symptoms and affect everyone differently. There are some universal signs of brain dysfunction. They can include changes in attention and alertness, problems with posture and movement, stiffness, confusion, and false memories.

In recent years, “President” Joe Biden exhibited almost all of these signs. Only a comprehensive cognitive and neurological evaluation can determine whether his symptoms are due to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s or Lewy Body Disease, or something else entirely. He has refused these tests. Donald Trump, however, gets cognitive tests as part of regular health screenings. The most recent was less than a month ago and his supervising doctor reported that he performed “exceedingly” well on it.

One less talked-about neurodegenerative symptom is the loss of social inhibitions. Although older people may adopt a “screw-it” attitude or become more blunt with their speech and behavior, it is possible that this can be an indication of something more severe, such as damage to the frontal cortex due to a stroke or brain injury, or a neurodegenerative disorder such as frontotemporal degeneration.

From the Conversation:

It could be that they lose their inhibitions or ignore social conventions.

These changes are out of character and usually accompanied by symptoms like rigidity, lack of empathy, apathy, difficulties with judgment and reasoning, overeating and unusual food preferences, and deterioration in personal hygiene and self-care.

Two elderly male friends of mine have struggled with Alzheimer’s. Both men said completely inappropriate things, forgetting to behave properly in public. They had lost all inhibitions and were saying whatever was on their minds.

Biden has a long history of racism (or at least a dismissive attitude) towards black Americans. He was close friends with several racist southern Democrats. In 2015, he discovered that black men could be “articulate”, “bright”, “clean” and “nice looking”.

In 1991, Biden presided over the Senate Judiciary Committee in its racist attempt to remove Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court.

Biden learned to act better over time by acting as if he thought blacks were equal to whites. He still slipped up, talking down to black voters as if they were slaves on a Democrat plantation. Then-VP Biden said to a racially diverse audience during President Obama’s re-election 2012 campaign that Mitt Romney “would put y’all in chains.” Biden said to Charlamagne the God’s audience during his 2020 re-election campaign that “if you can’t decide whether you are for me or Trump then you aren’t black.”

On Friday, Biden’s team chose a young, beautiful black woman from the crowd at his appearance in Wisconsin. The team selected her from the back of the crowd, placed a sign on her hand, and moved her to the front so that her dark skin would break up a sea of white faces.

When the Big Guy finally emerged to glad-hand and take selfies, the poor woman, who had waited patiently for her selfie with him, was dismayed to discover that she had become invisible. Her face in this video is one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long time:

Note: In the AP picture at the top, Biden and the nasty white Karen are shown in a warm hug next to the shunned woman. This biddy was just nagging this young lady for holding her sign too high.

Biden is likely to struggle to maintain the social skills necessary for someone in his position as he deteriorates. Dementia sufferers tend to forget their most recent knowledge first. They then return to their childhood memories and behavior. Good luck to Biden’s campaign in stopping their candidate from dismissing and underestimating black Americans for his entire life.