Top Democratic Donors, Including Abigail Disney, Deliver Shocking Blow to Biden’s Campaign Funding


Joe Biden has said that he won’t withdraw from the presidential race in 2024 despite the scandal surrounding the cognitive decline.

Now, several Democratic politicians have called for him to step aside. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) and Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ). According to reports, 25 House Democrats also considered writing to Biden asking him to resign.

Biden can survive a push from some politicians. But the problem is the donors. Whitney has asked him to step aside and give younger candidates a chance. Whitney also accused Biden and his staff of “deceiving the American people.”

Abigail Disney is the heiress to Disney Corporation and one of the newest donors.

The consequences of a loss will be devastating.

Disney suggested Kamala and implied that Democrats without her might be racists or sexists.

“We have a wonderful Vice President,” Disney said if Democrats would tolerate her perceived flaws a tenth as much as they tolerated Biden’s (and let us be honest, race and gender are both factors in this inequality), and if Democrats would stop quibbling and rally around her, we could win by a wide margin.

Gideon Stein announced that he would halt the $ 3.5 million he set aside to support different organizations in the presidential race.

Stein said that Joe Biden had been a successful president. My family and I will not donate more than $3,000,000 unless Biden steps down. The work at lower levels is not included. “I have spoken with virtually all of the major donors who believe we need to find a new candidate to beat Donald Trump. ”

A source familiar with Karla’s remarks suggested in the CNBC article that she also considered the same strategy. The article stated that she gave Democrats $30,000

What’s the problem?

Kamala Harris is as unpopular as Joe Biden. Recent CNN polls released this week showed Harris losing, as well as other names that are often mentioned as potential replacements.

California Governor Gavin Newsom defeats Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer by five.

If donors become big enough, they may be able to influence Biden’s campaign more than politicians. The campaign will fail without money. By forcing him out or withholding cash in any other way, they are sending a clear message that Biden is on his own.