The Horrifying Reason the Commie Left is Pushing Diversity


I think it is important to be aware of anything the globalists push, particularly those evil commie clowns that run the World Economic Forum. To do this, I looked at their commitment to DEI, which they are hell-bent on shoving down everyone’s throat.

The communists love to hide their oppression behind virtues. A good example is transgender. Anybody who disagrees could be called a “bigot” and lose their job.

Marxists know that a man cannot be female but have found a way to trick people into believing it. In a strange way, they control and own the people.

Robert Putnam published a study at Harvard in 2000. Putnam has spent much of his career studying diversity. Putnam has found the claims made by DEI apparatchiks, snowflakes, and other DEI-affiliated groups to be false.

Putman argues in his book Bowling Alone that diversity deters civic engagement on all levels.

His 30,000 interviews revealed shocking results.

Putnam found that people in diverse communities were less likely to vote, donate to charity, or participate in group activities such as bowling leagues.

Putnam’s pioneering research shows that people living in diverse communities have lower levels of trust, even for their friends.

Our research shows that diversity doesn’t lead to “bad race relationships” or group hostility. Residents in diverse communities tend to withdraw from community life, distrust neighbors regardless of skin color, withdraw from close friends, and expect the worst from their community and their leaders. They also volunteer less, give less to charity, and work less on community projects. These patterns include attitudes and behaviors, as well as social capital, public and private connections, and voting.

Robert Putnam, “E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-First Century”, The 2006 Johan Skytte Awards Lecture, pages 15-151

Why does the left promote an agenda that leaves people feeling demoralized and distrustful? The globalists want us to be less united.

Yuri Bezmenov warned us about the commies’ four-part plan to take over the U.S. without firing a shot. It included demoralization and destabilization; crisis and normalization. This is establishing communism as the “new standard” in the U.S.

In this short video, Bezmenov explains how Americans would not accept the reality that a woman could be a man. He also explains how successful Americans were at this time. This interview took place around 1984. Then he explains three additional steps. It is one of the most important videos you will see.

The left has promoted DEI for years in schools and corporations around the world. DEI specialists, or “useful idiots”, infiltrated in some of the biggest corporations. These experts think that they are helping minorities advance in society and business, which is good. But in reality, they aid communists in their quest to dominate the world.

We are demoralized by the fake news and Hollywood’s “wokeness”.

We are easy prey to global slavery.