Senators Issued Satellite Phones Amid Anticipated Disruptive Event


Do our benevolent, oligarchs know something that we don’t? According to reports, over fifty U.S. Senators were given satellite phones in the event of a “manmade” disaster,  natural catastrophe, or “disruptive” event that would take out a part of the power grid. It’s a precautionary measure and not ominous at all, I am sure.

CBS News reported on May 21 that over fifty senators now have satellite phones and the satellite airtime will be covered by federal funding (i.e. your tax dollars). A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advisory explained, “Satellite mobile phones are handsets that use satellites to communicate with landline, cellular, or other satellite phones…Satellite mobile phones have been increasingly used by responders as a backup to land-based communications systems during natural disasters or man-made events.” So if these phones are frequently used in case of disasters, why would senators suddenly be needing them?

CBS reported that there were “growing concerns about security risks for members of Congress”, following the Jan. 6, 2020 protests (where most protestors remained peaceful and non-threatening). We know that media often exaggerates such risks (at least in the case of Democrats), and Jan. 6, for example, is a prime example. Maybe the American people need to be warned right now.

The weather can also affect grids. At least in part, cell phones are dependent on power grids. California and Texas have blackout problems. The Biden administration is pushing “green” energy, and environmentalism. Elites may be planning to avoid power grid problems that the rest of us have to deal with.

Speculations are inevitable, though, as China and Russia become more aggressive. We hope that senators are not preparing for an enormous disaster, but rather buying new gadgets and being melodramatic over supposed “risks”.

CBS News reported that more than fifty senators were issued satellite phones to communicate in an emergency. This was due to growing concern about the security of members of Congress. The devices are part of a new series of security measures that the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms is offering to senators after the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January 2021.

All 100 Senators have been offered satellite phones. CBS News reports that at least 50 senators have accepted these phones. Senate administrative staff advises senators to keep them close by during travel.

Karen Gibson, Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, said in testimony to the Senate Appropriations Committee that satellite communication was being used “to provide a redundant and safe means of communication during an event that disrupts normal life.”

Gibson also claimed that the phones were a safety backstop in the event of an emergency “that takes out communications” throughout the United States. Disruptive event? Emergency? What exactly does the Senate expect to happen?