Republican Megadonor Urges Trump’s 2024 Exit, Endorses DeSantis


Ahead of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ anticipated announcement this week, a GOP megadonor is throwing his support towards the Florida Republican instead of former President Donald Trump.

Point Bridge Capital founder Hal Lambert explained why he believes it’s “time [for the Republican Party] to move on” to younger leadership.

Lambert told “Cavuto Coast to Coast”, Tuesday, that there are a few reasons. Donald Trump is only allowed to serve one term. If he wins, he’ll be lame-duck almost from the first day. But I don’t think he will win the general. This is the second reason. “I don’t believe he will win the general.”

It’s time for the next generation to take over. “Governor DeSantis is looking forward, not backward.

Lambert served as a member of President Trump’s inaugural Committee in 2016. He also founded Point Bridge Capital (also known as “MAGA ETF”), an exchange-traded fund that only invests in companies that have employees and political action groups that support Republican candidates.

Lambert explained why he voted for DeSantis after announcing his decision on Monday.

“I like Donald Trump’s policies.” I like what he has done. Lambert said, “I’m basing my decision on bringing back the country together.” “[Trump] has created so much division right now. This would mean that the country, or our country, would fight internally in a way which is not healthy if he was the nominee. “I don’t believe it is healthy for the country that they have to go through all of this in 2024.”

“We’ve got a candidate, Ron DeSantis, who can win. He has a conservative record and is the next generation.” Why do we have to go through such unnecessary hatred in our country?

A Harvard CAPS / Harris survey conducted last week found that 58% of Republican voters favored the former President Trump, while only 16% backed Gov. DeSantis as the GOP nominee. Lambert claims that Trump’s poll numbers have “peaked”, and DeSantis will close the gap rapidly.

It’s time for the next generation to take over. “Governor DeSantis is looking forward, not backward. Hal Lambert

“I don’t think this is that great for the Republican primary.” Lambert stated, “I mean, he is the former president but yet about half the party would rather someone else.”

Lambert said DeSantis has a conservative track record that he can run on. This is especially true in light of the fact that he won his second term in 2022 by nearly 20 points.

“He did it because he was a good Governor and he got a lot of legislation passed. Whether it be on schools and freedom of choice of school, immigration, or mundane things like reforming insurance. He has done many great things in Florida. He has a track record. Lambert argued that he has a record of getting things done.

Lambert weighed in as well on the battle between the Sunshine State governor and Disney. Disney announced recently that it was scrapping plans for a campus in Orlando, which would have created 2,000 jobs as part of an investment of approximately $1 billion.

DeSantis was criticized for his Disney fight, but Lambert said that the issue is a state-level matter and would not cause a problem on the federal level.

“I don’t think [DeSantis] will ever do this on a federal scale, and I wouldn’t recommend it.” “But states have the right to work with companies in their state,” said he.

“I don’t believe it will make a difference that Disney won’t be hiring 2,000 more employees in the state. It’s just a headline. “I don’t believe that he will change his stance towards Disney.”

Lambert, in expressing his support for DeSantis and urging President Trump to “drop out” of the race for 2024, said:

He said: “I believe Donald Trump should withdraw from the race for the sake of the nation.”

“Everyone said he could not get elected in 2016, but he ran against Hillary Clinton which the people hated. Hillary Clinton was hated by many. Even her own party did not like her. It’s a situation that is similar. He argued that Trump was not hated by the left in 2016 as he is now. The big difference between the four years he served, and now, with what is going on, has created a situation in which many, many people hate him and he won’t win them over.

We contacted President Trump’s campaign, but we did not hear back immediately.

Lambert said that he would do “everything” he could to help DeSantis win the Republican nomination when he officially announces his candidacy this week.

He said: “If you compare DeSantis to Biden, there is a stark contrast.” “The next generation is moving forward.” I believe that the American people will ultimately decide what they want. “I just don’t believe we want to watch a Biden-Trump battle for reelection.”