The Durham Probe Has Accelerated


We learned last week that John Durham, Special Counsel to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, found evidence that a technology company had hacked servers at Trump Tower and White House in order to look for evidence linking Trump to Russia.

You can be sure that more bombshells will soon come to light. Fox News has been informed by sources that the Special Counsel John Durham investigation has “accelerated”.

Many expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of progress from Durham’s investigation. In a March statement, Trump asked “Where is Durham?” Is he a living breathing human being?” Is there ever going to be a Durham report?

However, Friday’s lack of development was not due to a lack in progress.

Fox News sources claim that John Durham has conducted his investigation “very professionally” unlike Robert Mueller. The investigation’s activities are seldom leaked and there are more witnesses “cooperating” with the federal grand jury than previously reported.

Fox News’ source said that Durham does the right thing and keeps it secret. He also claimed that there is more activity in the investigation than what the public has seen.

John Durham was an FBI agent investigating the Trump-Russia FBI investigation. However, he was appointed by Bill Barr as Special Counsel to the United States Department of Justice Dec. 2020 to ensure that his investigation could not be stopped by the new Biden administration.