The Media Lied Repeatedly About Trump Being Spied On, and We’ve Got the Receipts


It’s clear that Donald Trump was illegally monitored by everyone, except the mainstream media. John Durham, Special Counsel, has just filed a new filing that shows that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was involved in an elaborate conspiracy to hack Trump and search for incriminating evidence. It may even have been possible to plant incriminating proof.

The mainstream media cannot pretend that Trump was not spied upon. They have been denying that any spying occurred for five years.

“The media’s knee-jerk dismissal Trump’s allegations has made them look pretty foolish in this instance. Their incessant attitude is not new. Durham’s investigation will continue to bring them back,” stated Bill D’Agostino of Newsbusters.

Newsbusters tracks media bias examples and has created a supercut from media clips showing anti-Trump media carrying water in 2019 for both the Obama administration as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign.