Well, Well, Well … Look Who’s Back on Spotify


It seems that yesterday Neil Young raised his Canadian fist against Spotify via an open letter. This was later deleted by his manager and record label. He explained that Spotify was spreading false information regarding vaccines that could cause death.

Young stated, “I want Spotify immediately notify me that all of my music has been removed from their platform.” They can choose to have Young or Rogan.

The result is known: Spotify has placed the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify. With an average of 11,000,000 listeners each episode. JRE is the most popular podcast in the world, and it has a lot of influence. Scientists(tm), another open-letter. Spotify called Neil Young’s call in a shocking display for freedom of speech.

Young claimed that Spotify was responsible for 60% of all streaming music of mine worldwide. He removed his Spotify catalog in January. Warner Records stood by me and recognized the danger of the COVID misinformation regarding SPOTIFY. This is especially true for young people who are prone to believing everything they see on SPOTIFY. ”

Young’s powerful dance moves inspired other fading hippies to join in the fun. It was an ominous blow for truth and safety.

I found both these dedicated champions of Man’s COVID-19 narratives via Spotify.

Young isn’t the only one to fall prey to Spotify’s evil. But he finally gave in and returned his music to Spotify.