The DeSantis Communications Team Destroys ‘The View’ Over Invite


The View invited Florida Governor. The View invited Ron DeSantis to join them on the program. He declined. This is Ron DeSantis. He didn’t just decline, he also destroyed The View.

 The invitation stated that the View hosts would be honored if DeSantis joined them. Bryan Griffin was DeSantis’s Deputy Press Secretary and asked if they really wanted to hear his thoughts.

Joy Behar, August 20, 2020: “You’re just short of calling Governor DeSantis an ignorant, murderous sociopath because this is exactly what he does.” She said, “What is he doing?” To appeal to his white supremacist base and keep his career alive, he is putting children’s lives at risk, as well as their grandparents and any other people they may come into contact with, to get reelected.

Sunny Hostin June 20,22: Death-Santis… He’s a fascist and a bigot, I believe.

Ana Navarro April 20, 2022 (on Governor DeSantis’s policies): “it’s Anti Black, It’s Anti Gay, It’s Anti LGBTQ+ Community. And, for some strange reason, the Republican base responds.

Sunny Hostin, February 20, 2022 (on Governor DeSantis’s policies: “it started with CRT. But let’s not forget that those are anti-history laws, anti Black history statutes really.”

“If you begin looking after Black people, what will happen next?” Next is the LGBTQ+ community, followed by women from other marginalized groups.

Griffin stated that he would pass on the offer.