Paul Pelosi Allegedly Slurred Speech, Had Drug in System and Handed Over Police Privilege Card During DUI Bust


According to court documents, Paul Pelosi (the multimillionaire husband and speaker of the House) allegedly had a drug in him. He allegedly addressed officers with slurred language and tried to give them a police card during his May arrest for DUI charges.

Pelosi’s 2021 Porsche and the other driver’s 2014 Jeep suffered “major collision damage”. Responding officers found Pelosi inside his damaged car at the intersection of California Route 29/Oakville Cross Road.

According to documents, Pelosi allegedly gave officers his driver’s license and an “1199 Foundation” card when they asked him for his ID. California Highway Patrol’s charity, the 11-99 Foundation, supports officers and offers scholarships to their children.

According to documents, Pelosi was alleged to have displayed “signs of impairment” in field sobriety testing. Officers “observed objective symptoms and signs of alcohol intoxication,” the documents state.

He allegedly had “red/watery eyes”.

The complaint states that “He was unstable on his feet, his speech was slurred and there was an alcohol-like odor emanating from his mouth.”

According to documents, John Doe was the other driver and stood outside an SUV.

They both declined medical attention at the scene. However, Doe told Napa County Prosecutors on June 2 that he began to feel pains in his right upper arm, right shoulder, and neck the day following the crash. According to documents, he also complained about headaches and claimed it was difficult for him to lift items with his right arm.

Pelosi is accused of injuring the other driver “while under an alcoholic drink and a drug, and under their combined influences,” reads the first count in the complaint.

Later, investigators discovered that he had a blood alcohol content of.082%.

Amanda Bevins, Pelosi’s lawyer, did not respond to our requests for comment immediately.

Previous descriptions of injuries and property damage from the crash were withheld.

According to records, Pelosi was able to get a $5,000 bailout the morning after the crash.

The office of Speaker Pelosi has stated previously that it will not comment on the incident. A spokesperson claimed that the incident occurred while Speaker Pelosi was on the other side of the country.