California Declares State of Emergency Due to Monkeypox


With COVID, inflation, crime, and the war dominating the news, you don’t already have enough going on. You now have a monkeypox to keep your eyes open at night. This is despite the fact that it is more common in those who have had sex.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is shrieking as he hears the alarm sound.

Governor Gavin Newsom has declared the State of Emergency in response to the monkeypox outbreak. It is also seeking additional vaccines. To help people get vaccines, the administration will be leading education and outreach activities.

California is STILL under a 2-plus-year State of Emergency due to COVID. The announcement continues:

We will work closely with federal officials to secure more vaccines, raise awareness about risk reduction and support the LGBTQ community against stigmatization.

I do not want to stigmatize gay men or other members of the LGBTQ community. But I’m pretty sure that monkeypox is not found in many lesbians. It is just not true.

Although some have made children appear to be dangerous threats to teachers and grandparents during the pandemic, it is not true that they were at any risk from the original Wuhan Flu. Jon Cryer, an actor, said that children were “unchecked agents of a deadly infectious disease.”

A dad friend of mine told me the other night that his 21-year-old, heterosexual, monogamous daughter came to him looking pale and quite scared. “Dad, should I be worried about monkeypox?” No sweetie, sorry to be gross, but unless you’re actively having sex with gay men with open sores you should be fine. We live in a culture of fear, and our formerly trusted health institutions seem to lust in peddling it.

NPR reported the confirmation of California’s first case of monkeypox.

The Washington Post explains the steps to get it.

The pathogen can be carried into the body through broken skin, the respiratory tract, or the mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

They are trying to scare everyone, but only a few people do risky behavior. The school kept the children locked up for more than a year. San Francisco’s geniuses believe it is unreasonable to ask them to postpone what will become a very carnal celebration.

The Post also describes who is most at-risk.

Monkeypox is a common disease that can be contracted by any person, although most cases have been reported in men. The current outbreak affects men aged 21-40 who have had sex in close proximity to their skin.

Are children under 5 at risk? It seems unlikely. The NY Times shamed people who don’t worry too much about monkeypox.

It would be a major public health catastrophe if monkeypox became an endemic disease in America and was added to the circulating list. It is both dangerous and painful, but it could also have been avoided.

It sounds a bit too histrionic to me, that a virus that is mostly non-lethal but is circulating among a limited number of people could be considered one of the worst public health failures in modern times. ”

Monkeypox is deadly and can cause serious complications. This is what should have been done to the patients in the New York and Michigan nursing homes during the initial stages.

Do not try to scare everybody. They are not in the greatest danger.