The Chris Cuomo Saga Is Far From Over


While I was waiting for my flight, some people texted to inform me that CNN had fired Chris Cuomo, making his suspension permanent. This was not surprising and was probably the right decision. CNN handled the situation poorly throughout.

Cuomo was reported to have covered up for his corrupt brother Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of NY. The elder Cuomo often appeared on his brother’s show to promote an image of effectiveness during COVID-19’s pandemic.

The younger Cuomo apologized for his role as advisor to his brother several months back. New evidence last week shows that Chris Cuomo may not have been entirely sincere in his apology. CNN retained counsel to conduct an investigation into the evidence.

CNN’s vague statement about Cuomo being fired and the new accusation of Cuomo for sexual misconduct make it seem that the story is far from over.

CNN must explain how they knew what they knew and when they knew it. And, most importantly, why they pretend not to have known it. CNN will determine the scope and limits of the investigation. It has not even revealed the name of the law office that is conducting it.

An outsider would see that CNN had to suspend Chris Cuomo and then terminate him, in order to maintain its image as a legitimate news outlet, and continue its unending service to the Democratic Party. This doesn’t make CNN a news network.

The investigation into this mystery should be continued.