Did Biden Lie About Being Tested for COVID Daily?


Joe Biden was recently interviewed by a reporter about his voice. The reporter observed that his voice sounds different and then asked if he was okay. Biden insisted that he has a COVID test every day and is okay. He said they check him for all strains. He went on to say that he had contracted a cold from his grandson.

Jen Psaki, however, had to tell the truth during a press conference later on that Biden isn’t tested daily for COVID.

Psaki states that in Biden’s remarks, he said he is being tested daily to determine if he has COVID-19. It was less frequent than that, according to my understanding. She said that Dr. O’Connor stated that he was tested three days this week.

Psaki evaded any questions about the types of tests he is receiving and pretended not to give a straight answer. She said she thinks Doc O’Connor gave some details that outline how many times he’s had to be tested. She said he received the tests because he was sick with a cold.

The reporter asked if he’s going to be tested every day, to which Psaki replied no. Psaki avoided answering the question if Biden had misspoken and bragged about transparency in the administration. The reporter asked if he is tested even when he doesn’t have symptoms. Psaki replied that it is not so often and that he was showing symptoms three times this week.

Biden is only tested once a week. However, this is when he has cold symptoms. Usually, it’s less. What is the minimum? Psaki did not say but it is likely that once per week is a reasonable guess. Did Biden lie to make his COVID denial seem more credible? Or does he simply not know?