Target Doubles Down on Grooming Kids


Target, the retail giant, felt the anger of consumers this summer. Not only did they offer merchandise and clothing featuring trans-friendly slogans, but also books that promote radical leftist gender ideologies to children. They also placed these displays in front and center of their stores. The company suffered a massive loss in value and a boycott followed.

Target’s case was not much different than Bud Light’s. Anheuser-Busch, after angering its customer base by partnering with Mulvaney with a disastrous partnership, tried to backtrack its disastrous partnership. This angered LGBT activists, who then boycotted the company. Target also tried to limit the damage caused by the child-grooming products scandal, moving their pride displays to the back of select stores. This angered LGBT activists who then boycotted the company.

The company hasn’t learned anything from the incident and continues to promote woke merchandise. Social media images show Target selling a black Santa Claus with a disability in a wheelchair and LGBTQ pride nutcrackers.

Is Santa Claus in a wheelchair? The incline on a typical gabled roof, last time I checked is not ADA compliant.

Target’s site shows that they offer several different versions of the pride nutcrackers.

The product description on Target’s website for one of these nutcrackers says, “Show love and support for LGBTQIA+ with this Pride Nutcracker Figure from Wondershop.” This charming nutcracker with a purple beard wears a jacket with gold trim, rainbow lapels, and black and blue pants. It also holds a Pride Flag in its hand. It is supported on a flat, embossed base that allows for placement on any flat surface. This makes it a great choice for displaying alone, or in a larger holiday display.

No thanks.

Target’s continued promotion of woke products is not surprising, despite the negative reaction it received for its transgender clothing for children. Target CEO Brian Cornell said that he believes that being woke will benefit the company. Christina Hennington is the chief growth officer at Target. She stated that Target thinks it can wait out the storm and that the backlash eventually dies down.

Hennington stated in a conference call that they had anticipated the negative effects of the second quarter. This included the continuing pullback in discretionary expenditures. Other headwinds are incremental, such as the strong response to this year’s Pride assortment.

Target’s stock price hasn’t recovered yet from the initial backlash, so they clearly haven’t gotten it.