Biden Avoids Criminal Charges in Classified Document Investigation


CNN sources say that Robert Hur, the special counsel, is not expected to pursue charges against Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents.

The report states that Hur and his team have been working on an elaborate report for the past year, which will offer a critical evaluation of Biden’s staff and their handling of sensitive material.

Few expected the administration to ever charge Biden for mishandling classified documents, found not only in his office in Washington, D.C., at the Penn Biden Centre, but also in boxes stored in his garage in Delaware.

In September, it became clear that Hur was not investigating Biden or any possible motives for him to have taken classified documents when he left his position as vice president. A report from the time stated that the investigation was now an “examination” of Obama’s security protocols and White House internal processes.

CNN predicted that Donald Trump and his supporters would criticize the decision to not pursue charges.

What do you think?

CNN tried to distance the two cases, even though the classified documents scandal involving Biden was much worse than Trump.

Trump stored classified documents at Mar-a-Lago under Secret Service protection. Biden stored his classified documents in boxes inside his garage in Wilmington (Del.) while his crackhead child Hunter Biden lived there.

Hunter Biden was found to have classified documents relating to Ukraine. In an email sent by Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer, he cited 22 detailed points with “research” regarding Ukraine. Hunter Biden’s home contained classified documents about Ukraine. In an email sent to his former business partner Devon Archer, he cited 22 points of “research” pertaining to Ukraine.

We learned soon after the scandal broke out in January that the documents were originally found before the midterm election, which indicates a cover-up.

White House also lied about the search of his house, saying it was already completed when in reality searches were still ongoing. Hunter Biden could have had the documents in his possession and used them to conduct illegal business. Joe Biden, who had repeatedly claimed to be fully cooperating in the investigation, initially refused to allow the Department of Justice into his home, despite claiming that he was.

Take a minute to consider what is happening. Trump was being investigated by the Biden administration for having classified documents in his possession. A raid on Trump’s home followed, and a rogue prosecution threw all kinds of charges at him.

Biden, meanwhile, was not punished when it was revealed that he had secret documents he did not have the authority to declassify or possess at the time the two left the White House. CNN is unaware of what’s going to happen. This was a major political gift for Trump.