Chris Christie’s Israel Trip Backfires Spectacularly as Internet Explodes with Memes


Even when I came up with the awesome and seemingly obvious nickname Christ “Kristy Kreme” Christie and mused why Trump hasn’t employed it yet, I was convinced, and remain convinced, that somebody, somewhere must have thought of it before.

It’s true that making fun of Chris Christie as a human/walrus hybrid is a lowbrow and easy way to amuse yourself. If anyone deserves to have their slovenliness and gluttony mocked, it is this guy.

Christie, who is a Judas and has no chance to win the GOP nomination, but has a job as an MSNBC contributor and a spot on the Raytheon Board after his campaign fails, went to Israel for a photo op.

Associated Press:

Chris Christie, the Republican presidential candidate who visited Israel on Sunday, said that the U.S. should stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Israel as it fights the Hamas militant group.

Christie visited Israel for a day and met Israeli leaders, wounded soldiers, and the families of Israeli hostages. Former New Jersey Governor Christie is the first Republican candidate to visit Israel for the 2024 nomination.

Christie told reporters that he came to Kfar Azza because he wanted to see it for himself. The village was one of the more than 20 villages and towns attacked by Hamas militants on October 7th. Israel claims that over 1,200 people have been killed in Gaza, and another 239 are being held as hostages.

Christie, wearing a flak jacket and flanked with an entourage of Israeli soldiers, made a way through homes where walls were riddled with bullet holes and couches were stained with blood. Many Kfar Azza homes were destroyed and burned out a month after the attack. The structures that remain are covered in Arabic graffiti.

“I think that the American people should know what it is like to be able to walk through this neighborhood and see the devastation done to people. A month later you can still walk into these homes and still smell death.

Sincerely, I do not believe that Christie ever walked in a kibbutz. I believe a specially equipped golf cart transported him from one spot to another for the cameras.

The bat signal sent out the message “Caption this photo of White Lizzo wearing a bulletproof jacket” on Twitter/X.

Internet heroes sprung into action What we have.